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About LiteBreeze Infotech

LiteBreeze is an India-based web application development company with Swedish management. Since 2004 clients from around the world has hired web developers and PHP developers from our 35+ strong team.

What we do best is fairly complex web-based systems - e.g. custom business software, portals, CRM applications, order management etc.

Most of our programmers use the Laravel framework today. Our team has experience of most PHP-related technologies including CodeIgniter, Zend framework, Symfony etc. Some of our developers work with AngularJS and mobile apps based on Ionic.

Our Swedish manager David Claesson started LiteBreeze India in 2004, and he has worked on site in India since then.

Your success is what matters

To make your company more profitable is our main goal. We focus on understanding your business and to deliver a quality web application that adds real value. Focus lies on user-friendly and smart features that add value; high quality code that is fast, scalable, secure and easy to understand; and of course a design that pleases the eye.

We trust you will be satisfied with our development services thanks to a very client-focused processes:

Talent! We hire the top 1%. At LiteBreeze we not only recruit great programmers; we hire great communicators with the right attitude.

Service quality excellence. Developers who are easy to work with. We aim to answer your questions before you’ve even asked them.

Frequent coaching. Programmers high performance is ensured through frequent coaching sessions. This leads to quality outsourcing.

User-friendliness. Our staff makes sure to focus on your end users’ perspective. User-friendly custom software leads to more business.

No micro-management. We understand that your time is precious. Hire a PHP developer who lets you focus on your business.

Great code. Senior project leaders and architects do frequent code reviews to ensure scalability, security and speed.

100% transparency. Get access to code and detailed time entries directly. Our aim is to provide the highest quality outsourcing services.

Our clients

These are two of our clients. You can browse more web application projects here

@spire is a CRM application that integrates with the Sage50 accounting software. It features valuable tools that are not available in Sage. E.g. warehouse stock control, sales forecasting, in-depth analytics etc. @spire and Sage are seamlessly synchronized. @spire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

"LiteBreeze has developed our business software by providing an outstanding service and in terms of deliverables they absolutely exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend LiteBreeze if you are planning on building your complex yet effectively manageable cloud based business application. "   Peter Blacklock (Barking, United Kingdom) is a Swedish event planner specializing in arranging cruises for students and other niche target groups. LiteBreeze has been developing their website, CRM and booking management system since 2009. The latest version of the application is developed using the CodeIgniter framework.

"Our website and business application is a highly customized PHP solution that we have worked on with LiteBreeze since 2009. We've been happy with the services provided by LiteBreeze and we feel how service and technical capability is continuously being improved. We'd recommend LiteBreeze highly for those who need good service and a responsive team of programmers. "   Martin Wengström (Sandviken, Sweden)

Solutions and technologies

Our experts can customize most types of web applications and systems including: order management systems, booking systems, CRM, web portals, E-commerce websites, LMS / e-learning solutions, recruitment platforms, accounting software integrations etc. The type of solutions we have most experience of is custom web applications that require a minimum of 300 man hours to develop. Our software developers have handled projects up to around 25,000 man hours spread out over two years of development.

LiteBreeze has used PHP and MySQL since the start back in 2004. Today we suggest using the PHP-based framework Laravel for most types of applications. We also work with the following frameworks: CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony and CakePHP. Browse our developer profiles and hire the right framework expert for your project.

We usually decline projects involving the development of “simple websites” with a budget of less than 300 man hours. Our web developers do have experience of customizing different CMS platforms though, including Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants if you’re unsure.

For mobile app development we use Ionic. We have experience of AngularJS, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, responsive design in general, and much more.

When it comes to databases we use MySQL in 90% of cases. We do evaluate alternatives like MariaDB, MongoDB and Redis depending on the application architecture.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of outsourced web development, with the smoothest possible experience for our clients - outsourcing made simple!