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About LiteBreeze Infotech

LiteBreeze is an India-based web application development company with Swedish management. Since 2004 clients from around the world has hired web developers and PHP developers from our 35+ strong team.

What we do best is fairly complex web-based systems - e.g. custom business software, portals, CRM applications, order management etc.

Most of our programmers use the Laravel framework today. Our team has experience of most PHP-related technologies including CodeIgniter, Zend framework, Symfony etc. Some of our developers work with AngularJS and mobile apps based on Ionic.

Our Swedish manager David Claesson started LiteBreeze India in 2004, and he has worked on site in India since then.

Your success is what matters

To make your company more profitable is our main goal. We focus on understanding your business and to deliver a quality web application that adds real value. Focus lies on user-friendly and smart features that add value; high quality code that is fast, scalable, secure and easy to understand; and of course a design that pleases the eye.

We trust you will be satisfied with our development services thanks to a very client-focused processes:


Programmers high performance is ensured through frequent coaching sessions. Feedback to programmers focuses on your experience of our services and your success.

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We keep developers performance high by giving our developers frequent feedback and coaching. Our Swedish manager or other Western staff who understands your perspective will be involved in these coaching sessions. Feedback usually pertains to areas such as:

  • Ability to implement smart and user-friendly features.
  • Service quality / customer service.
  • Evaluation of code (code is evaluated using version control systems).
  • Planning and pro-activity.
  • Ability to save you time by understanding your problem areas, coming up with solutions and implementing them properly.
  • Quality and detail of time reports.
  • Ability to make use of new and improved technology and thereby deliver more user-friendly, faster, more secure and beautiful solutions.

Developers ability to continuously learn from feedback and implement the above core performance concepts are evaluated often. Your thoughts on how successful we are at this are very important to us. Specific examples of situations when we've done something well or where we've not performed is helpful.


The agile development method helps you launch a working version of your application quickly. You will get new ideas and be able to align features with actual business goals.

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The agile development method

Agile development is a flashy term for developing a system in a common-sense way: start with the highest priority features, avoid taking on too many different features at the same time, keep each development phase short and re-evaluate frequently.

Agile development is popular today because it works and delivers results quickly.

Your requirements are ordered by priority and bundled together into separate phases (called sprints). A sprint is usually completed in 3-4 weeks (but depends on project size). Once completed it will be tested and uploaded. You and the development team will then evaluate what features to include in the next sprint. The benefits are:

  • You can test the system frequently: get new ideas and align features with actual business goals.
  • End users get to enjoy new features quickly, boosting the client's ability to stay ahead of competition.
  • Developers get motivated by the quick pace, progress and frequent releases.
  • The team is forced to develop an easily scalable system. It saves time when adding new features.

Most work at LiteBreeze is carried out in iterations of 150-200 man hour sprints. Together with the client we are forced to select the most important features. We've found that this pushes development forward quickly. Time is not wasted on medium-priority features that may change or be discarded anyway.

If you only need a few hours of work done every now and then, then this concept will not really be used.


Being able to deliver high value starts with recruiting the best. At LiteBreeze we not only recruit experts with great programming skills; we search hard to find developers with solid communication skills and the right attitude.

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To deliver value to our clients we realize that we have to find and retain the best talent. Many candidates may have the right skills, but at LiteBreeze we also go to extreme lengths to locate developers with great communication skills, the right attitude, who pay attention to detail and who understand what is required to deliver superb customer service.

  • Developers at LiteBreeze are recruited based on Western standards by our Swedish manager.
  • We select about the top 1% of local talent.
  • We assess new candidates based not only on technical skills but also communication skills, attitude, attention to detail, service mindedness and eagerness to learn.


A strong foundation is laid by experienced project leaders and architects. Your project will be planned to ensure that it is user-friendly, well-designed, scalable, fast and secure; and so that features are smart and bring value to end users.

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Project planning

Our project planners have 10+ years of web development experience. Our main objective when planning is to:

  • Plan a user-friendly web application that provides maximum value to the end user.
  • Simplify and re-use code to minimize development cost.

You will benefit a lot from a well-planned application:

  • The core process (where most of your users will spend most of their time) will be designed in a very user-friendly way. Usability of the core process is extremely important for project success.
  • We will identify existing and/or open source functionality that can be re-used to reduce cost.
  • Planning prevents unnecessary changes later on in the project which could be costly.
  • Your requirements will be communicated to the designer and programmers in a way that cannot be misunderstood. Our planners have plenty of experience of working with Western clients and Indian developers.
  • Requirements and milestones will be scheduled in a work plan so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Lowers the risk. Planning will ensure that no requirement will be a potential roadblock for the developers.
  • You know exactly what you will get and what it will cost. Some companies may give you a low initial fixed price and later ask for more money on the pretense that it was not clearly described by you earlier.
  • Wire framing makes it easy for everyone, including non-experts, to visualize how the system will work and to discover better ways to design processes.
  • A solid foundation will be put in place. It will be scalable and easy for developers to work on (even if you in the future need to take the project elsewhere). The database will be professionally designed for high security, scalability and speed.
  • Work will be assigned to the most suitable programmers who have got prior experience of similar projects and features.

Our clients

These are two of our clients. You can browse more web application projects here

INVID Gruppen provides IT services in Sweden within three main functions; infrastructure, cloud services and operational support. LiteBreeze developed a web portal that incorporates multiple platforms through a Single Sign-On interface. This enables customers to run, monitor and manage network hosts and their users.

"It has been a great pleasure to work with LiteBreeze. Our project had significant complexities but their developers are highly skilled and helped us tackle all possible challenges. All programmers apply Swedish methods in their client interactions and are very professional. I highly recommend LiteBreeze as a cost-effective development partner!  "   Linus Linné (Västerås, Sweden)

PhotoWishlist is an app to create a wishlist of products you would like to buy and share with your friends. The Web platform is developed on CodeIgniter Framework (PHP and MySQL) while the mobile app is developed using cross platform mobile development tool PhoneGap and AngularJS. 

"I have been working with Litebreeze since 2012 where they have been developing my website called PhotoWishlist. First doing the web development and lately they have been working on the app. It has been good working with Litebreeze and their estimates are usually quite close to the real work spent on the project. Their service is excellent and I can recommend Litebreeze as a development partner. "   Sigurbjörn Jónasson (Reykjavík, Iceland)

What we do

With a team of high calibre AngularJS developers, Litebreeze is one of the renowned AngularJS development companies in India. We have been into web application development over the last several years and applications are built with utmost care on code quality and performance.

We hire the most expert developers in AngularJS to ensure perfection in delivery. We ensure that our AngularJS development service is amongst the best you will find. If you are thinking of outsourcing your AngularJS requirements, we are that perfect business partner you have been searching for all the while!

Systems and technologies

AngularJS is an open source web application framework that can be used with any kind of language and framework. AngularJS helps programmers to use HTML itself as templating language while the RICH Internet Application nature of AngularJS provides a facility to create Web Applications having advantages of desktop apps.

AngularJS follows clean MV* architecture and hence maintains the quality and standard of code. AngularJS is capable of handling cross browser issues and thus becomes the best web application framework with cross-browser compatibility.