My name is David Claesson and I’m the managing director at LiteBreeze in Kochi.

I’m originally from Sweden, and my first visit to India was in 2004 at the age of 19. At that time I had been involved in a few different web projects such as a gaming web portal and a web hosting business. I had developed the gaming portal and the sign up process and CRM for the web hosting business myself using PHP.

The web hosting business had 200+ clients and the gaming portal 5000+ daily visitors at their peaks so these ventures along with programming studies during the Swedish equivalent to high school had equipped me with programming and system administration experience.

After arriving in India in 2004, I had just finished high school. I came with two friends and together we explored the opportunities that India presented. And we planted the seed to what later became LiteBreeze. After 9 months in India I went back to Sweden in 2005 to pursue business studies. I returned to India again in 2007 to focus all my attention on LiteBreeze.

These experiences have given me a lot of hands on experience of both PHP programming, project management, recruiting, training and coaching, and setting up processes that deliver value to our clients.

My main responsiblities at LiteBreeze are:

  •   - Recruiting, coaching and training staff to ensure high service quality, user-friendly applications and clean scalable code.
  •   - Being a cultural bridge between our Western clients and Indian staff.
  •   - Developing efficient processes and systems to facilitate the delivery of high quality web development services.
  •   - Marketing the benefits and value that LiteBreeze can provide its clients.

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