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@spire is a web 2.0 business application providing exceptional functionality in sales warehouse stock control and marketing for SME's using the SAGE Line 50 Accounting System. The software LiteBreeze developed features a real time synchronization utility installed on Sage server, CRM, invoicing modules, query builder, credit control features and business intelligence in customer profiling, sales pipeline and forecasting by producing aggregate quantitative measures.

The business solution is developed in object oriented native PHP code base without adding layers of heavy abstractions yet highly scalable to benefit the optimum performance and reliability.Some of the key benefits and features of the system are:

Real time synchronization with Sage server

The Sage synchronization utility (API using Sage data objects and ODBC) runs seamlessly on a Windows server as a service to ensure constant operation, effectively providing real-time integration with Sage Line 50 accounting system data stored on a local network server to a cloud based web application.

Customers and Prospects Management

Showing each customer's purchasing history and a wide range of mission critical data including predictive ordering order gap history compliance and executive responsibility allocation.

Prospect management allowing for conversion to Customers in real time providing a one-stop application for management of all of your Customers and Prospects.

Increase the limits of SAGE by allowing the creation of multiple trade contacts within both Prospects and Customers and other important information.

Credit Control

Displaying credit control information in a way that provides alerts to your Sales Team thereby integrating your sales and credit control efforts.

Sales and Transactions

Process your sales orders online allowing mobility in your sales force.Product sales history by Customer and Price Point data for every product sold to allow optimal pricing decisions to be made.

Convert your detailed historical transactions into a sophisticated Customer profiling analysis allowing you to concentrate your Sales and Marketing efforts in the right areas.

Sales Orders

Create a complete order bank allowing you a full order audit trail for all your processed orders.Automatic conversion of Orders into SAGE Sales Invoices, completely removing the need for manual user entry in real-time.Allow multi-site stock accounting, a feature representing a significant enhancement over SAGE Line 50 with no limit to the number of warehouses.

Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

Produce your sales pipeline and funnel forecasts from data held in your prospects and sales funnel assumptions, including flexing your forecasts into best case worst case and expected case.

Business Intelligence

Profile your customers by producing aggregate quantitative measures -by sales both monetary value and volume, gross profitability, order frequency and credit control history -to allow you to make balanced sales and pricing decisions from a single unified value measurement.All measures calculated from your rolling 12 months data with automatic daily updates from your SAGE Line 50 system.

Dashboard for every Customer providing graphical representation of data only available in significantly more expensive business intelligence systems.

Notes and Reminders

The ability to add notes both permanent or temporary to a Customer, Product, Prospect or Quotation record allowing for efficient data management across the full range of sales lead to order completion.A reminder system allowing you to set your own reminders to action notes for yourself or someone else A predictive ordering system, producing automatic reminders to your Sales and Customer Services Team that will allow you to keep abreast of your Customer's ordering requirements.

Profit Master

Identify how and where to improve customer returns –set minimum prices intelligently to raise margins -divert incoming customer calls direct to the right person (especially your credit control when appropriate).

"LiteBreeze has developed our business software by providing an outstanding service and in terms of deliverables they absolutely exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend LiteBreeze if you are planning on building your complex yet effectively manageable cloud based business application. "     Peter Blacklock (Barking, United Kingdom)

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