AvoKoenen.nl is a construction company based in Netherlands. At LiteBreeze, we developed a Web platform to handle day-to-day business at AvoKoenen. The application covers work-orders, invoices, audits, reports and financial analysis to meet internal-managerial requirements. The software handles information regarding construction contract work, namely:-

Work order

For seamless flow of work functions, the program provides easy search details, which you can use to find out information of any task in progress or completion.And because time is of essence, the program also tracks the login of time and raw materials utilised. Immediate customer feedback is also an inherent part of this program.


Every state-of-the-art construction outfit needs a proper system of invoicing. Litebreeze has developed a simple, practical yet modernized system that includes auto billing of work orders, generation of PDF invoices and handling invoice payments.


In a large construction company like AvoKoenen, keeping track of project details is a given. But with software developed by LiteBreeze, this is almost a breeze. The program tracks bigger/multiple work-orders (work-orders based on size) are managed into Projects. The projects view provides in-depth calculations based on the credits and usage of raw-materials (the view includes profit and its percentage of budgeted/Spent/Purchased amounts).

Creditor Payments

The implementation of the highly sophisticated but simple software program developed by LiteBreeze significantly reduces manual administration work.To ease creditor payment, the software includes: SEPA payment integration - The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro. SEPA enables customers to make cashless euro payments to anyone located anywhere in the area, using a single bank account and a single set of payment instruments.

Apart from this, the software offers the following facilities:

  • Bank payment
  • Integration of data- automatically with Project based on work-orders
  • Publishing Company based PDF documents
  • Balance Sheet Generation & Reports with current statistics in detail
  • Calculation and viewing the statement of assets/liabilities and capital
  • Graphical representation of balance sheet
  • Detailed report generation of Income and Expenditure in Excel
  • User/Product/Client/Creditors Administration - Managing/retrieving information is made easy with the intuitive interface/search and auto-complete feature.
  • The site is available in two languages - Dutch and English. All inputs are formatted for Dutch
  • The website manages information for two companies Avo & Koenen
  • Categorizing information based on user roles
  • All existing data was exported to work with the new application. Earlier it was done using Excel. Now information is available on the Internet. The information retrieval is faster than the Excel program, which was employed earlier. Data is backed up daily.

The software uses the PHP's latest Codeigniter 3 framework with jQuery for easier autosuggest features. We have employed responsive design, so that mobile-based transactions are easier. MySQL is utilized for data storage.

"I trust those guys. The most difficult decision was how to build a trustful business relation with a company that is 7000 km away from home. Normally I meet the people of the companies face by face and after that the relationship gets build. In this connection we met by mail and later a few times by skype. But I must say, the Litebreeze people build the trust. They did it by responding very swift and accurate. Also they think with you and don’t just do as you say with the possibility to go the wrong way. For the inexperienced IT-developers I have a warning. Building a complex application like the Bouwapp.club is difficult and takes more time and money than you expect. Take the time for the development and try to get a fixed team of developers because with every change of people a little knowhow is lost. But if it’s ready you will benefit from it. Success Litebreeze "     Wim Koopmanschap (1187 WB Amstelveen, The Netherlands)

Team of developers who worked on this project: Madhav KK, Manu KM, Prasanth SM, Rahul PC, Samuel AD