CSR and sustainability policy

Business enterprises are economic organs of society, and they strive by drawing from societal resources. For holistic business growth, social and environmental stewardship is as important as sustainable economic performance.

LiteBreeze believes that success must be ultimately measured not just by financial gains, but also from the bottom line contribution towards societal and environmental sustainability.

We tread a balanced path to achieve our organizational objectives vis-à-vis our customers, our workforce and the society at large.

We voluntarily take steps to improve the quality of life for our employees and their families as well as for the societal-environmental sphere within our influence.

At LiteBreeze, we follow ISO 26000’s seven principles of social responsibility:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethical behaviour
  4. Respect for stakeholders’ interests
  5. Respect for governing laws
  6. Respect for international standards of conduct
  7. Respect for human rights

Employment and working conditions

We ensure that our workforce performs at their finest as we look after their well-being; physical health as well as mental resilience.

We have flexible working hours for all employees so that they can easily balance and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

We offer spacious, comfortable and aesthetic workplaces as our employees spend a minimum of 40-42 hours a week at work. Most of our office chairs are by Kinnarps, imported from Sweden.

We have started installing and testing motorized work tables to complement the Kinnarps chairs and will be purchasing more of them in the coming months.

We provide a full-sized gym right inside the office. Lunch for all employees is delivered by a local restaurant in reusable packaging.

We believe in equal opportunities and consistently push towards growing an inclusive gender-balanced environment where everyone can thrive.

Our recruitment and employee promotion processes are strictly meritocratic and disregard religion, caste, disability, sex, and sexual orientation.

We encourage everyone to apply for higher positions within the company so that they get the opportunity to coach others to improve their own abilities.

Transparency is a core principle that we regularly advocate during coaching meetings. Transparency breeds honesty and trust, which is essential for fruitful teamwork.

It eliminates unfairness, inequality, favouritism, cronyism, and nepotism. LiteBreeze strives to set an example by coaching our employees, to be honest, respectful, factual, and productive.

We have implemented a system of transparent and documented feedback which focuses on the long-term potential and growth of our employees.

The management is aware that with the growth of each employee LiteBreeze gets better and stronger.

We perform bi-annual performance appraisals to evaluate and maximize the value contributed by each of our employees and reward them meritoriously.

LiteBreeze management practices an open-door policy and welcomes honest critique from clients and employees.

LiteBreeze employees are encouraged to take on more complex tasks, thus increasing the value they create. In India, this has a very positive impact on their career growth and subsequently the opportunities to contribute to the local economy.

High performers at LiteBreeze are sent to Europe for on-site client visits which helps them experience international work cultures and build rapport with our long-term clients.

We aim to continue building international relations while maintaining intercultural understanding. We believe that communication and rapport are key to enduring relationships with clients that remain strong even long after projects.

Social responsibility

In the event of natural disasters in our local community, we extend our wholehearted support to the affected.

In December 2021, We partnered up with the Mercy Cops Charitable Trust to help families from selected tribal colonies in Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad. LiteBreeze spent a total of INR 150K on the project. With the help of Mercy Cops, we distributed food kits and clothing to the family members at an event held at Wayanad.

Post the strike of the second wave of COVID-19 in May 2021, oxygen scarcity has been a challenge in India. LiteBreeze donated close to 30,000 Litres of O2 to GiveIndia – Boost oxygen supply campaign. 

In April 2021, LiteBreeze became a supporter of Kostfonden, by making a donation to aid their research efforts on countering metabolic diseases.

Kostfonden carries on Europe’s largest study with a goal to reverse the effects of these illnesses on the larger population, so that our future generations live a long and healthy life.

In 2020, LiteBreeze donated to the Hope Community Village, one of the best charity foundations in Kerala. Hope Community Village offers long-term family care to abandoned children.

We became the single biggest donor to the Hope community in 2020. Hope used the fund to provide tablet computers to each house in the village and to build waste compost units accessible to the whole village.

During the floods that affected Kerala in 2018, we contributed to the state flood relief fund. We ensured that our employees who are affected by the same received much-needed financial support.

We launched the “Hardware for Hope” initiative towards the end of 2023, where we donate gently used laptops and mobile phones to underprivileged children in India. Here, where the IT industry offers promising career paths, each donated device could be the first step for a child toward a brighter, more prosperous future.

Financial responsibility

The common management goal is to secure LiteBreeze’s financial position with a long-term perspective and to maintain stability.

Duties are delegated amongst several senior employees to minimize financial risks and uncertainty caused by unpredictable events like long-term illness, relocation or resignations.

We are careful not to take major or uncalculated financial risks. We work towards retaining all our clients long-term, thus creating a stable and consistent demand.

Environmental responsibility

Most of our software development projects aim to streamline and digitize processes for our clients. This subsequently leads to reduced paper consumption and environmental impact by our clients.

The computer systems and accessories we employ through all hierarchy in LiteBreeze are modern and energy-efficient.

When travel needs arise, consideration is given to alternatives such as video conferencing as an option which has become even more of a choice due to the pandemic.

Waste is recycled to the greatest possible extent. Usage of paper, packaging, electronics, fluorescent lamps, and batteries is strictly controlled by our admin officer.