How to assess the financial strength of a company

When qualifying a lead or setting the credit limit, you need to research key financial numbers such as:

  1. Profit
  2. Revenue
  3. Employee headcount
  4. Years in business

Here’s a list of international company registers where you can find such data:

Australia: Australian business register



Canada: Canada411 and Canadaone provide basic information.


Egypt: The white pages can provide basic info about people. The yellow pages can provide basic info about companies.

Estonia: E-krediidiinfo & Teatmik provides basic info about companies. Additional information can be purchased.

Finland: Virre, Finder – provides basic information. Additional information can be purchased.


Hong Kong: Company registry provides basic information. Additional information can be purchased.

Iceland: Firmaskra provide basic information.

Italy: shows basic info like email address and location. Financial statements can be purchased.

Netherlands: shows basic info like years in business and address. Financial statements need to be purchased from

New Zealand: Companies register




South Africa: Bizcommunity or white pages shows basic information.

Slovenia: Ajpes and Kyckr provide basic info about companies. Financial statements can be purchased.

Saudi Arabia: Datarabia is the directory in Saudi Arabia. But you need to log in/subscribe to access any information.


Switzerland: Zefix or Moneyhouse provide basic information.