Ajith Dinesan

Operations Director at LiteBreeze

I am Ajith Dinesan, operations director at LiteBreeze. We are a team of 55+ experienced developers, building heavily customized web applications since 2004. As operations director, my core responsibilities are:

  • To oversee all aspects of project planning, from conception to completion.

  • To tackle all possible project challenges and ensure developmental success.

  • To ensure client satisfaction through clear and regular communication, building rapport.

  • To lead, and coach project managers and technical leads for optimal team performance.

  • To oversee coordination between technical and non-technical departments.

  • To assess, attract and retain talent, and manage the appraisal process.

  • To schedule the right developers for each project, and balance demand and availability of developers.

My duties are rooted in delivering the highest quality for our western clients. I am guided by the LiteBreeze principles on a daily basis and through every stage of my job.

A special zest towards programming grew inside me when my father gifted me a PC for being the high-school topper. 

Being an avid gamer, I slowly realized that most computer games were just mimicking randomness, and everything about them was ingeniously pre-programmed. 

This new perception pushed me into the fascinating world of game development and subsequently, core programming.

During my graduation, I developed multiple puzzle games using artificial intelligence in Java and curated a paper on ‘Data mining and business intelligence’ which garnered multiple accolades.

Post completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science I went on to earn a Masters degree in Computer Applications from Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT). 

During the tenure of my first job as a coder, I worked in projects such as a stadium entry management system for the Celebrity Cricket League, newspaper reel tracking system for a leading media firm, etc.

I also got the opportunity to develop asset tracking/Stocktaking/warehouse management applications using Portable Data Terminals, RFID, and Barcodes.

I joined LiteBreeze as a junior programmer in 2013. Over the course of six years, I honed my technical and managerial skills to reach the position of Project Director.

So far, I’ve managed 30+ successful projects at LiteBreeze, including Avokoenen, Safepac, Onlinelubricants, TFHS, Okidokidz, Qvalia, Napier, and Aptum.

For each project, my duties begin with an initial lead value analysis and pre-sales consulting.

Since the conversion of a lead relies on the efficiency of the initial communication, my main focus is on managing this process.

When a project is undertaken, I facilitate the involvement of the client during project initiation and planning.

This way we are able to pinpoint the client’s exact needs.  

I oversee the core developmental side of the project, which is directly managed by project managers and technical leads.

Service quality is assured with intermediate meetings, ongoing communication, and regular collection of feedback.

I partake in all bi-annual performance appraisals to evaluate and maximize the value contributed by each of our employees and reward them meritoriously.

I look forward to maintaining enduring relationships with existing clients and building the same with new clients, as we strive towards success together.

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