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System design 101: Scaling your web applications

November 27, 2020

When I started programming web applications, I focused on a very small userbase. As I gained experience, the application userbase expanded too. In the process, I had to unlearn many concepts as well. I was forced to think of high availability, zero downtime deployments, and a large  number of database read/writes etc. These lessons were […]

A warm welcome to Jemshid M H

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our software team, Jemshid M H. He comes with more than two years of experience as a software developer and is currently undergoing his onboarding. Jemshid is proficient in technologies like PHP, Angular, ReactJS, etc. Jemshid started his career as a junior software engineer with Fingent […]

Welcome to LiteBreeze, Nithin John Mathews

November 13, 2020

A hearty welcome to our new recruiter Nithin John Mathews. He is a talented recruiter with a corporate MBA in human resources. Nithin started his career as an HR Associate in a Bangalore based firm and made a difference with his enviable hiring strategies. Post his tenure of a year he moved to another Bangalore-based […]

CRISIL credit report for LiteBreeze in 2020

LiteBreeze achieved a grading of “Good”, the third-highest level of CRISIL credit rating, for the third consecutive year.  CRISIL has indicated this rating to the level of creditworthiness, judged in relation to other SMEs. It is noteworthy that LiteBreeze has maintained this CRISIL ranking during a global pandemic. Our strengths as mentioned by CRISIL include: […]

Welcome to our Python expert, Abhinivesh V

October 14, 2020

LiteBreeze is excited to introduce our new Python expert, Abhinivesh Vijayan. He is currently undergoing his onboarding. He is a seasoned full-stack developer with over six years of experience. Abhinivesh is proficient in technologies like Python, PHP, JS, NodeJs and Angular. Abhinivesh began his career with Faith Infotech in web designing in the year 2014. […]

A first ever virtual Onam celebration at LiteBreeze

LiteBreeze celebrated Onam with a difference this year. While the ongoing pandemic compelled our staff to work from home since mid-March, this virtual celebration brought everyone under the same roof via Google meet!  Lasitha gave the welcome speech, Albin and Salu ably hosted the celebration.  This celebration was a good opportunity for our new joiners […]

How to set up user permissions in a shared hosting environment

August 18, 2020

“Permission denied” is a common error I’ve come across in many web applications after the initial server setup. This would often require the devs to get help from the ops team to fix the issue. Updating the ownership/permission of specific files/folders resolves the issue. Improper user permissions can also leave the door wide open to […]

A hearty welcome to our Python developer, Ebin

We are excited to have a new Python developer join the LiteBreeze family with work experience of more than eight years. He is currently undergoing the onboarding process with our senior developers. During the early years of his career, he was introduced to technologies like CodeIgniter, WordPress, JQuery, CakePHP and Python. He had a five-year-long […]