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LiteBreeze holidays – 2024

Here is LiteBreeze’s carefully curated 2024 holiday lineup!  We’ve included national holidays and religious festivals, strategically aligning them for extended weekends. While the list of holidays presented is not exhaustive, the team can pre-arrange leave in advance to accommodate additional holidays. Get ready for seamless project timelines, maximizing both client and employee satisfaction! January 1st

Terraforming a Laravel application using AWS ECS Fargate – Part 4

February 02, 2023

Creating an application using the Laravel framework The Laravel framework will be used to validate the interoperability of the infrastructure created by Terraform. The steps are similar for any LAMP, LEMP and other similar applications. I have used simple/straight forward codes to showcase the functionality. Please use necessary abstraction so that code outlives the application.

Terraforming a Laravel application using AWS ECS Fargate – Part 1

February 02, 2023

Introduction Terraform is an open source infrastructure as code(IaC) software tool. We will be using Terraform for creating AWS infrastructure. We can collaborate effectively when we configure the infrastructure using code and commit to our version control systems. We can also execute reviews/suggest new approaches for configuring certain tasks. Additionally, we can spin up new

LiteBreeze holidays – 2023

Here is LiteBreeze’s holiday list for 2023. Both national holidays and popular religious festivals are considered to spread out the holidays throughout the calendar year.  There are more Swedish/Indian festivals and public holidays, which could not be included in these 12 holidays. Our staff may require leave for the same, for which they would apply

Our Kodaikanal visit: A refreshing experience

A refreshingly new perspective and appreciation of life and the world around us; that’s what being in beautiful places flourishing with nature’s absolute best offerings does to your mind. This is especially true now, considering the fact that we were stuck at home staring at screens for what seemed like an eternity. It was still

Our enchanting Vagamon trip: a memoir

August 05, 2022

Even though I have traveled to a lot of places including Vagamon, the recent 2-day Vagamon trip with my family and colleagues has been one of the most memorable and unique experiences I have had in recent times. Jancy and Lasitha with their family and Ajith, Anoop, Praveen and Sanju joined the trip. I have