Holidays 2017

Each year our list of holidays will differ. We are however always announcing 12 holidays that fall on weekdays.

We determine the holiday list this way: 1) we consider the typical public holidays in Kerala 2) we consider the most important festivals in each three major religions in Kerala 3) we prioritize holidays that fall adjacent to a weekend 4) we consider Swedish holidays and popular vacation periods to minimize the impact on clients and reduce the project stress on our colleagues.

If any member of staff requires a leave to attend a festival that is not in this list of holidays, that should not be a problem. Just apply for the leave as early as possible.

January 1st New Year-Sunday

January 26th Indian Republic day – Thursday

February 24th Sivarathri – Friday

April 13th Maundy Thursday – Thursday

April 14th Vishu/Good Friday-Friday

May 1st Labor Day – Monday

June 23rd Midsummer eve – Friday

August 15th Independence Day – Tuesday

September 2nd Bakrid – Saturday

September 3rd Onam Holiday – Sunday

September 4th Onam Holiday – Monday

September 29th Mahanavami – Friday

October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi – Monday

December 25th Christmas Day – Monday

December 26th Christmas Holiday – Tuesday

You can now go through our 2018 list of declared holidays as well!

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