Holidays 2017

December 07, 2016

Each year our list of holidays will differ. We are however always announcing 12 holidays that fall on weekdays.

We determine the holiday list this way: 1) we consider the typical public holidays in Kerala 2) we consider the most important festivals in each three major religions in Kerala 3) we prioritize holidays that fall adjacent to a weekend 4) we consider Swedish holidays and popular vacation periods to minimize the impact on clients and reduce the project stress on our colleagues.

If any member of staff requires a leave to attend a festival that is not in this list of holidays, that should not be a problem. Just apply for the leave as early as possible.

January 1st New Year-Sunday

January 26th Indian Republic day – Thursday

February 24th Sivarathri – Friday

April 13th Maundy Thursday – Thursday

April 14th Vishu/Good Friday-Friday

May 1st Labor Day – Monday

June 23rd Midsummer eve – Friday

August 15th Independence Day – Tuesday

September 2nd Bakrid – Saturday

September 3rd Onam Holiday – Sunday

September 4th Onam Holiday – Monday

September 29th Mahanavami – Friday

October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi – Monday

December 25th Christmas Day – Monday

December 26th Christmas Holiday – Tuesday

You can now go through our 2018 list of declared holidays as well!

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