A Trip to Remember!

LiteBreeze offers its high-performing employees the prospect of travelling to selected client offices in Europe. This improves the rapport between our employees and clients while giving our employees the experience of the working culture there.

Our PL Saji N visited Sweden recently to spend a few days with our client Martin F. He was excited about his first foreign work trip and noticed initially the cold weather, cleanliness and the strong public transport system.

Saji was received warmly by Martin and his team. Everyone was communicative and welcoming irrespective of any boundaries. He had the chance to visit one of the oldest theatres in Sweden.

With the client Martin in SwedenDinner with the client Martin

Overall usage of modern technology, flexible work-stations and digitalization are admirable. He understood the importance of a healthy work-life balance which leads to more focused and productive work. This is something that we practice at LiteBreeze.

Frequent lunch meetings and shorter work hours are typical of work-life in Sweden. Saji returned with a greater understanding of the client’s culture and is now able to produce more culturally relevant solutions

Moving forward such experiences will surely lead to not only motivate employees but also improve overall productivity. Thus improving our chances to acquire more business prospects for LiteBreeze.

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