We are hiring a recruiter / content writer

Update 01 November: this position is now filled.

Your main responsibility will be traditional recruiter tasks including sourcing candidates, filtering resumes, scheduling and administering tests (mostly technical roles). However there are a multitude of tasks listed below that will be gradually added to your scope of work as per your interest and performance.

Content writing will also be an important responsibility within the HR team. A lot of work can be done when it comes to adding high-quality and relevant content to our website, blog and social media outlets.

We aim to appoint someone by October 31, 2017. So rush in your applications if you feel you are the right fit for this position.

What we expect of you?

• You need great English writing and communication skills.

• Attention to detail and ability to follow set company processes.

• You need an open mind and willingness to continuously improve and change old habits.

• Great attitude! We have very high expectations; stay positive during periods of pressure.

If you feel that you fit the above description, please apply through https://litebreeze.com/careers/ or send your updated resume to jobs@lbit.in

At LiteBreeze you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Superlative pay – Company with profitable clients from economically strong regions.
  • Work-life balance – Flexible work hours and option to work from home once per week.
  • Improve your professionalism – Get coached by our Swedish on-site manager.
  • Focus on ergonomics – Professional, comfortable workstations enable you to perform better.

Please visit our website for further information on our company: https://litebreeze.com/

Here is a list of the broad range of tasks that the HR team will be responsible for in addition to recruitment. However, the level of your involvement will depend on your capabilities and areas of interest.

Creative recruitment activities: Work with your seniors and explore sourcing options, IBNLT: head hunting, LinkedIn, campus recruitment, targeted campaigns to specific groups such as part-timers.

Branding initiatives: Help in developing material to convince top talent who is hesitant to join a small company.

Facilities: We are in the process of building a great new office and once that’s done, continuous improvement of those facilities will be required.

Website updates and Online reputation management: Work to refine and improve our Unique Selling Points/punchlines/pitch and support seniors to control online conversation so that people find the right information when they search us online.

Developer profiles: Essential tool for gaining top clients. They need to be continuously updated and linked together with new relevant technologies and projects.

SEO specialist coordination: Coordinate with a third party SEO specialist on how content can be used for improved SE ranking.

Recruitment systems improvement: There’s huge scope for smart features and automation to make recruiters daily processes more efficient.

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