Flight school management system: a new LiteBreeze project

October 19, 2017

A dedicated team of experienced Laravel programmers at LiteBreeze started development on a unique project a few weeks back: Flight School Management system. The client is a well established private flight training school in Finland and they have an existing ERP to manage work activities such as schedules, payments and overall administration of the Flight School.

As this flight academy expanded, the client wanted to integrate several new features into the ERP and thus entrusted LiteBreeze with the development. The complex project was undertaken by this team:

Aeropole team

Technologies and Tools used

We use Basecamp and Jira for all communications, reporting, issue tracking etc. This enables us to maintain clarity and understanding between the client and the development team at all times. Periodically we use the popular code review system SonarQube to ensure not only consistent code quality but also refactorability and scalability.   

Though this project had a unique set of requirements, our talented developers were confident having previously worked on a management system for a flight school at a large Swedish university. Contact us for details.


The first challenge of the project was that the current system was built in Laravel 4.2 which is a really outdated version whereas the latest version at the time was Laravel 5.4. So we started with convincing the client to update the system ahead of development. Once client agreed to the suggested upgrade, LiteBreeze team successfully upgraded the Laravel version and is currently working on new features.

Presently all the in house reporting by flight trainers is done through Jira, which could be challenging since the users need to work with two systems simultaneously. The upcoming challenge for us will be to integrate a Jira like ticketing system into the ERP to make the future management effortless and extremely user friendly.

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