Holidays 2018

Below is the list of holidays announced by LiteBreeze for the year 2018. We are declaring 12 holidays that fall on weekdays.

We consider the typical public holidays and the most important religious festivals in Kerala. We prioritize holidays in a way to get long weekends for popular vacation periods to minimize the impact on clients and reduce the project stress on our colleagues.

Some of the staff may require a leave to attend a festival that is not in this list of holidays. That is understandable and they can apply for a leave in advance.

  • January 1st New Year – Monday
  • January 26th Indian Republic day – Friday
  • March 29th Maundy Thursday – Thursday
  • March 30th Good Friday – Friday
  • May 1st Labour Day – Tuesday
  • June 15th Eid-ul-Fitr – Friday
  • August 15th Independence Day – Wednesday
  • August 21st (Tuesday Afternoon) – Onam  celebration at office
  • August 24th Onam Holiday – Friday
  • October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi – Tuesday
  • October 19th Pooja Holiday – Friday
  • December 24th Christmas Eve – Monday
  • December 25th Christmas Holiday – Tuesday

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