AWS technical essentials day in Kochi

Amazon organised a workshop in Kochi to showcase the various services they provide. The emphasis was on web services. This was held at Marriott hotel on 31st October 2017.

The event was targeted at business and technical leaders, as well as IT professionals. The workshop started with a brief on Amazon history and AWS global infrastructure. LiteBreeze was represented by one of our senior PHP developers who attended this event.

The Amazon technicians provided an interactive session with several people in attendance to offer solutions as required to various project related queries.

Amazon seminar

The event provided an excellent practical, hands-on experience in a practice environment. The participants started real instances and tried out most of the options available. There were three sessions, and each session provided step-by-step instructions to complete a pre-designed scenario.

The first session was intended to understand the basic concepts of Amazon VPC, Internet Gateway (IGW) and launching a web server, security, networking and Amazon S3 (requests, buckets, objects, access, protecting data, optimization, and lifecycle management with glacier security and identity).

Access management was another important topic on the agenda. They explained physical vs logical security, understanding compliance and identity and access management – inclusive of user, groups and roles along with permissions and policies.

The second session was regarding setting up RDS and moving the database to RDS, it focussed on specific steps to create an Amazon instance and attach an RDS instance to it. Then we test the connection through a simple PHP application by saving some data and retrieving it.

During the third session Amazon technicians provided clear and detailed information on how to use the load balancer and replicating the original EC2 instance behind a load balancer.

Lastly, they did not forget to gift great goodies to the audiences. LiteBreeze looks forward to sending more employees to similar future events with advanced content.


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