A LiteBreeze project: candidate profile automation

Experienced PHP experts at LiteBreeze recently developed an exciting web application for a leading coaching and educational institution in Sweden. On a daily basis, this institute conducts interviews to profile potential candidates for acceptance into its niche training programs.

This service places candidates in jobs that match their aptitude after providing the required training. An application is created to automate the various steps of candidate profiling such as registration, verification with BankID during login and acceptance of answers to questionnaires.

The below team of dedicated developers used Laravel for this project as well as MySQL, Azure Cloud, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. We also incorporated BankID for this application.

Project team photo

Our client’s institution had various existing processes that could be automated. For example, when a candidate applies, designated employees conduct a personal interview to profile the candidate. This interview which is conducted using standardized questionnaires could be automated.

Automating this repetitive and time-consuming process has many benefits, among others it reduces the workload on employees, increases the rate of screening as well as enables candidates to submit the questionnaires in a self-paced manner at convenient times.

Additionally, this application will also enable the creation of automated support desk tickets for further processing.

As is the case in working with any large international client even this project for the illustrious coaching and educational institute had its own challenges. An example being; the time to market expectation was just one month so we architected the system in such a way that we could go live in four weeks.

Following which we could then incrementally roll out updates every two weeks. This allows the client to respond faster to customer demands. Each iteration adds functionality that creates value.

Some other challenges that were solved by automating the processes during this project was the client’s inability to handle the large number of personal interviews and the sheer volume of candidates that required profiling. Complete access of candidate profiles amongst employees was made possible and verification of those profiles got easier.

LiteBreeze is excited to continue further project development for this large organization which has 550 employees and a 225 million turnover. We plan to integrate new features to further improve the project such as Tokbox, an android app, iOS app and REST API.

Appreciation from clients always is an encouragement to the team.

If you are ready for the next big leap in your career, please send us your CV. We look forward to hearing from you!

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