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April 12, 2018

LiteBreeze has recently partnered with a well established Swedish company to build a unique feedback collection platform. The client offers a SaaS service where companies from all sectors can use this platform to collect feedback from their end users through SMS.

They have a legacy system to manage companies and offers options for companies to view feedback received as well as contact their customers. They also provide an iOS application which the companies can use to collect feedback.

As the company flourished and their customer base increased, the client decided to upsize the service further by rebuilding the system to add more user-friendly features to the system. That lead them to contact us regarding the scope of Laravel and Mobile app development based on their unique requirements.

The client was very pleased with how we handled his requests and our confidence to take on his project. Therefore he decided to choose us as his development partner over two other competitors. We are very excited as he plans to visit Kochi soon to meet us in person and to commence the project. This is the team that will work on this project:

LiteBreeze PHP team

Technologies and Tools used

We will use Laravel to build the base web application and will use ionic framework to build the hybrid apps required. We use Basecamp and bitbucket issue trackers for all communications including reporting and issue tracking. This ensures utmost service quality and helps keep a clear track of communication between client and development teams at all times. We also use popular code review systems like SonarQube to ensure code refactorability, scalability and consistency.

Even though this is our first time to work on a unique system like this, we are confident of success as we have previously worked on several complex web and hybrid applications. Contact us for details.


The first challenge we foresee is the need to refactor and tweak the database to suit Laravel standards. The current database system contains 70+ MariaDB tables which are not optimized and harder to understand since it is a legacy system. There are two main concerns to begin with: there are several unused fields and database and the column naming conventions are not followed which makes the database structure difficult to understand. The challenge for us is the requirement for an in depth study of the fields in the current database.

Another challenge would be to make the new system compliant with the upcoming GDPR regulations. We usually follow the agile development methodology. When rebuilding a system like this – we would usually start with the basic features and proceed sprint by sprint to completion. This is the first time that we would have to begin with refactoring an entire database and study the entire system to make it GDPR compliant right at the beginning. The client has agreed to work alongside with us to refactor and rebuild the system, which makes this a unique opportunity for us.

We are confident that we can tackle these and any upcoming challenges thanks to our extensive coaching guidelines.

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