Supporting business intelligence goals for a music company using Laravel

May 10, 2018

LiteBreeze has recently begun a partnership with a leading American stock music provider. This firm routinely provides royalty free music to television shows, movies, advertising, games, and apps. They often work with companies such as Fox, Sony, Discovery, Time Warner and HBO.

They require a technical consultant to further build business-critical components for business intelligence, centralized logging, and analysis as well as a new distributed architecture using AWS.

Developing customized solutions for such demanding corporations call for very specific skill sets. We provided a talented and experienced PHP expert to support the client’s team for this venture.

There are many crucial factors to be considered when outsourcing software services. LiteBreeze was chosen after multiple and extensive interviews and discussions to ascertain competence in technical and non-technical areas.

We dominated the competition due to our deep technical know-how, keen focus on service quality, on-demand team allocation, agile development, a value-driven approach, and radical transparency among others.

Our expertise in Laravel, PHP, vue.js, NUXT, Docker, continuous integration, payment gateways, and AWS is crucial for this project. To overcome the challenges of remote work from different timezones we use Basecamp and Slack.

Setting clear expectations and time management is essential for this project, we use Trello to keep track of tasks and daily status updates to keep everyone informed.

Furthermore, test-driven development and continuous integration help ensure stability and agility during highly iterative development cycles.

As a learning organization, we approach each challenge as an opportunity. Together with continuous coaching and technical training programs we are confident of solving any future challenges in similar complex web application projects.

Contact us, if you are looking to hire an advanced, cost-effective software development partner.

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