A new customized project kicked off with a visit from our Swedish client

LiteBreeze has partnered with a well established Swedish company to build a unique feedback collection platform. This firm offers a SaaS service that any company irrespective of the sector can utilize, to collect feedback from their end users through SMS, emails etc. Based on the client’s unique requirements we decided to develop this platform using Laravel and Mobile app development.

We had the pleasure to host our Swedish client for a week. Our team of web development experts along with our client worked together to kick-start the project. The client’s onsite presence and direct involvement with our team of senior developers was a great opportunity for them to understand his requirements in detail.

Discussions between the client and the senior web applications development team resolved all of his concerns and issues in the initial expansion stages of the project. We will also manage the scalability, maintenance and further development of this software project as per his recommendations.

Both sides benefited from this visit, our team had the privilege to understand in depth the Swedish work methods. Our client, in turn, was assured with his decision of choosing LiteBreeze to take on his project over two other competitors.

As this was his first visit to India he managed to set aside some time to travel and explore new places. One afternoon our team’s taste buds were uplifted when our managing director David Claesson and the senior developers treated him to a fine buffet lunch at The Renai.

To ensure that our client returns to Sweden with great memories, we gifted him a box of Indian spices along with a ‘ready to bake’ recipe for the traditional sweet rice pudding.

We aim to complete the project ahead of the delivery date and ensure that the final product matches up to the LiteBreeze standard. Communication and radical transparency will be maintained throughout this project.

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