Onsite client visit to a large plastic card printing firm

At LiteBreeze, we provide our employees with the unique opportunity to travel to our clients’ offices in Europe and to work alongside them. We believe in improving our rapport with our clients and employees which in turn gives our employees a wonderful experience of the foreign work culture.  

Recently our senior technical lead Bini had the privilege to visit one of our clients in Germany for a week. They are one of Europe’s largest plastic card printers.

Bini’s visit to our client’s office started with an incredible train journey to the lovely town of Sankt Ingbert from Frankfurt, a track stretching for over 136 kms with beautiful landscapes on both sides. She, along with her family resided at the Alpha Hotel.

The next day she was picked up by the client from the hotel and they drove to the office to meet the rest of the team. Bini was warmly welcomed by everyone and she realized how simplicity and humility are the company’s virtues.

The calm and employee friendly environment reminded her of the LiteBreeze work environment.

With multiple meetings and further breaking down of the project modules, Bini simplified a number of issues that had the development at a halt. Having face to face discussions and interacting directly with the client and his team, made clearing client concerns easier for our technical lead.

We are confident that both Bini and our client benefited from this visit, Bini learned about a new work culture and our clients felt re-assured that their project is in good hands.

Besides work, our client took the time to show Bini beautiful sites around town. The Völklingen Ironworks in western Germany, close to the border with France was a spectacular view situated along the river banks of Saar. Followed by a delicious dinner that enlightened everyone’s taste buds.  

Since the FIFA World Cup semi-finals were going on, Bini witnessed the unusual sight of game spirit, heard chants while passing through a street occupied with restaurants that were flooded with football fanatics.

On the last day, the client presented her with a traditional gift handcrafted by the townspeople and bid her a warm farewell.

This experience surely motivated Bini and gave her an even better understanding of her project. She can now work on better solutions and that could add more value to her client.

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