Our Swedish client visits LiteBreeze in Kochi

LiteBreeze had the pleasure to host our long term Swedish client in Kochi once again. Our client spent a few days with our PHP experts who are actively involved in his project.

The client offers a unique SaaS service which enables other service providers to collect feedback from the end users. This data is used by the businesses to evaluate and improve their service quality.

The intuitive design improvements and successful fulfillment of deliverables by our Laravel team have ensured a long term association.

Having a meal together is a great way to exchange ideas and understand each other’s culture. Our team shared their insights on future improvements with the client over an exquisite lunch with famous Kerala delicacies at Courtyard Marriott.

The client was impressed with our timely implication in mitigating the risks in addition to incorporating user-friendly features. Our next plan is to work further in the improvement and maintenance of the feedback board.

The client appreciated our radical transparency which reduced his need to micromanage our tech team. As with all our projects we ensure that our service quality is maintained until the completion of the project.

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