Jobin, Welcome to LiteBreeze family

Jobin Joseph joins LiteBreeze with 1.8 years of experience in content writing and copy editing. In his previous role with Ravsan Ventures, he headed the web design, graphic design, and video editing team as the Team Lead.

He started his career as a freelancer during college days. Interestingly, he also picked up video editing skills during graduation and is well versed in Adobe Premiere Pro. He has worked on numerous advertisement scripts, website content, and blogs, including SEO articles.

Jobin has always been an avid reader. He was introduced to the world of fiction early in life and was fascinated by the works of Alice Hoffman, Dan Brown and J.K Rowling. It is through reading, that he developed a flair for creative writing. He is a graduate in mechanical engineering but his love for writing steered him in the direction of content development.

Being a movie fanatic, his exposure is not only limited to the regional cinema but also to classics of the French new wave and Spaghetti western.

We are happy to welcome Jobin into the LiteBreeze family and look forward to seeing him practice LB principles like value maximization and service quality. If you are keen to join an international firm with opportunities for steady growth, follow us on Linkedin.

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