A warm welcome to Richie George

October 17, 2019

We are happy to welcome our new recruitment and marketing executive, Richie George. He is joining us with more than a year’s experience with Allegis global solutions where he worked as a talent assessor. He is a post-graduate from the Xavier institute of management and entrepreneurship in human resources. 

With Allegis, he made a positive impact on 85 positions in a period of eight months and was mainly involved in handling clients from both the automotive and technology industry. Some of the key recruitment streams he handled included Java, .NET, SAP, IoT, Big Data, DBA, etc.

Richie’s role was not limited to talent acquisition but extended to devising fool-proof hiring strategies at his previous organization. He is also a passionate basketball player who has represented his college, university, district and state team in state and national championships.

With his down-to-earth nature and unwavering determination to learn, we are positive that Richie is a great addition to our recruitment team. Here’s wishing him a successful career at LiteBreeze.

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