Welcome to our Python expert, Abhinivesh V

October 14, 2020

LiteBreeze is excited to introduce our new Python expert, Abhinivesh Vijayan. He is currently undergoing his onboarding. He is a seasoned full-stack developer with over six years of experience.

Abhinivesh is proficient in technologies like Python, PHP, JS, NodeJs and Angular.

Abhinivesh began his career with Faith Infotech in web designing in the year 2014. He then moved to Intuisyz technologies in 2015 where his role entailed web development in front-end and back-end coding languages and development frameworks.

During his tenure, he obtained experience in building and managing high-performance web applications for clients like MusicLegato, Jivaprasana, AssetHomes, etc.

He was involved in requirement gathering and sprint planning as well.

At his most recent company Good bits tech, he acquired exposure in international client management. Some of his major projects include a bike share application and mutual fund application.

His favourite challenge was working with data analytics for location and status tracking as well as user behaviour tracking.

Abhinivesh is happy to learn new technologies such as Golang at LiteBreeze. If you are a zealous developer, keen to work on complex web applications,  share your updated CVs at jobs@lbit.in or contact us here.

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