CRISIL credit report for LiteBreeze in 2020

LiteBreeze achieved a grading of “Good”, the third-highest level of CRISIL credit rating, for the third consecutive year. 

CRISIL has indicated this rating to the level of creditworthiness, judged in relation to other SMEs. It is noteworthy that LiteBreeze has maintained this CRISIL ranking during a global pandemic.

Our strengths as mentioned by CRISIL include:

  • Extensive experience: LiteBreeze has been in business for over 10 years. CRISIL notes that the collective experience of promoters helped us identify and tap market opportunities.
  • Clients: Over the years, LiteBreeze established a strong relationship with major clients, resulting in a stable stream of new, as well as repeat projects.
  • Scaling-up in bad weather: LiteBreeze has highly experienced promoters. This helped us to not only gain traction but also sustain and scale up the operations even in times of adverse business environment.
  • Diverse services and applications: The products and services offered by LiteBreeze are used across various industries. This mitigates the risk of revenue concentration through any specific end-user segment and provides stability to the revenue stream.

LiteBreeze’s financial stability is well exhibited through the financial report by CRISIL. 

LiteBreeze’s debt protection measures are healthy. We have an interest-coverage ratio of 9.72 times, net cash accrual to total debt ratio of more than 100.00%, and a debt-service coverage ratio of 2.61 times as of fiscal 2019.

LiteBreeze has maintained an adequate current ratio of 1.60 times and healthy cash/total outside liability (TOL) of 85.11% in fiscal 2019. This suggests our ability to meet short-term debt obligations and implies that we have an efficient operating cycle.

Comfortable return on capital employed (RoCE) is reflected in RoCE of 22.41% in fiscal 2019, which implies that LiteBreeze has adequate resources to meet its business obligations.

LiteBreeze has maintained its profitability as well as traction even in terms of adverse business conditions. This only validates the quality of service provided by us. 

Our managing director David Claesson and the team are tirelessly working to maintain our standards and continue our steady growth. Step by step LiteBreeze is moving towards becoming one of the best web development companies in Kerala.

As CRISIL states, the management regularly trains its employees for newer technologies and processes as per market requirements. 

The consistent performance in the CRISIL grading places us at a valuable spot on the global platform and encourages us to keep performing well. 

If you are passionate about what you do and would like to join a passionate team, do send us your resume at We are scaling up fast and constantly looking for talented developers to grow with us.

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