LiteBreeze is now Great Place to Work™️ certified

We have been certified as a great place to work (Nov 2020 – Oct 2021) by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Great Place to Work®️ is considered the international ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to Workplace Culture Assessment.

What makes this certification special is that we were graded by our own employees.

This is a great study for us to know what we are doing right and what more we can do better to make LiteBreeze an employer of choice.

The survey conducted was centered around the below five categories:

  1. Credibility of management
  2. Respect for people
  3. Fairness at the workplace
  4. Pride
  5. Camaraderie between people

Our top three areas of strength fall under the categories of, the credibility of management and fairness at the workplace. They are:

  • Management delivers on its promises
  • People here are paid fairly for the work they do
  • People are encouraged to balance their work-life and their personal life

Our founder and managing director David Claesson has focussed on creating a healthy and employee-friendly workplace environment over the last 15+ years.

The number one priority for LiteBreeze’s senior management is to ensure that our employees always remain our top priority.

Our three areas of improvement are under the category of pride. They are:

  • I feel I make a difference here
  • This is a fun place to work
  • I feel good about the ways we contribute to society

Having participated in the Great place to work survey has brought to our attention, the areas that need improvement, along with specific employee suggestions in order to become an even better place to work.

Moving forward, along with being a great place to work, making LiteBreeze a socially conscious brand is important and we will soon build a strategy to include this as a company policy.

A post-pandemic challenge will be to implement more team building activities so that our employees feel connected and productive.

Since receiving the first annual certification from Great place to work, we are even more encouraged to maintain the high standards we have created for ourselves while constantly improving on our existing employee-centric processes.

At LiteBreeze, we believe that sharing information about our certifications demonstrates our company brand strength as an employer to candidates and colleagues. It also adds to clarity and transparency for all stakeholders.

Are you looking to join a certified great place to work? Do not hesitate to apply for a job here. We are always on the lookout for passionate PHP and Python developers along with AWS cloud engineers to add to the expanding LiteBreeze family.

Note: This rating refers only to our Indian entity.

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