Final technical test round at LiteBreeze – Mettl

Mercer | Mettl

The global leaders in talent assessment. We make use of the Mettl platform for our final technical round of the recruitment process. It reduces human involvement and generates fair reports based purely on candidate performance. This makes our recruitment process unbiased and meritorious.

Reasons why we chose to use the Mettl platform:

  • It tests both coding and technical knowledge through a mix of multiple-choice and logic-based questions
  • Uses leading AI-based remote proctoring technology
  • Creates computer-generated reports (you can customize the scoring criteria)
  • Allows you to prepare tailor-made tests to meet specific job requirements and difficulty levels
  • Trusted by 4000+ brands worldwide
  • Some of their clients are Accenture, Amazon, Barclays, Samsung, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Pepsico, etc.

We are constantly improving our recruitment process. We strive to find new updated ways to ease the process while ensuring a fool-proof selection of the best candidates.

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