Welcome our new software test engineer, Vini

Vini is a knowledgeable test engineer with more than four years of experience in manual testing and automation testing. Vini is well versed in test case design, implementation with proficiency in test case preparation.

Vini is a graduate in computer science from Mount Zion College of Engineering, which is affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University.

Her role entailed the preparation and execution of test cases as per requirements and understanding the client requirements and functionality of the system.

Vini started her career with Datamate Info solutions and later moved to Kruxsoft Solutions, after a tenure of more than two years.

We are a certified great place to work. Thanks to the great work-life balance at LiteBreeze, Vini can continue finding time to enjoy her hobbies like painting and watching movies.

Wishing Vini a successful career here. We have multiple openings,  apply now

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