Our enchanting Vagamon trip: a memoir

August 05, 2022

Even though I have traveled to a lot of places including Vagamon, the recent 2-day Vagamon trip with my family and colleagues has been one of the most memorable and unique experiences I have had in recent times. Jancy and Lasitha with their family and Ajith, Anoop, Praveen and Sanju joined the trip. I have a lot of wonderful memories to share about this journey.

Starting from Friday evening, traveling from the hotness of Ernakulam to the cold, windy and misty climate of Vagamon was a welcome change. We incessantly talked and watched the kids play throughout the journey to the resort. Meanwhile, Ajith shared the experience from his recent Sweden journey, which was very engrossing. We reached the resort the same night and settled up in our cozy rooms for a comfortable night’s sleep.

We started off the next morning, spending time in the freezing cold water of the swimming pool. At the swimming pool, we had fun playing our own version of Dodgeball in groups involving the kids as well. Our expert diver, Sanju, also tried to teach the uninitiated among us, including me, about diving into the pool.

After many minutes of theoretical lessons and motivation, I gathered the courage to attempt a dive into the pool, only to fall flat into it. Though all those flat jumps were painful, it was tons of fun:) After the enjoyable, yet tiring time in the pool, we had an amazing buffet breakfast.

Our next destination was the adventure zone. The bumpy off-road journey to this zone in a Mahindra Jeep provided us a mini adventure even before reaching the actual adventure zone. At the zone, we spent time on activities like kayaking, boating, rope cycling, zipline, etc.

Though many of us had done these activities in the past, the misty climate made this a unique experience. Especially kayaking in the lake, in that climate made us feel like being in one of those magical fantasy movies.

The time at the adventure zone made us lose track of time, and we had our lunch at almost 4.30 PM. However, all that activity made this late lunch worthwhile. We also visited the Vagamon meadows and spent time flying kites and taking beautiful pictures among the meadows. After that, we traveled back to the resort, where we had a campfire later on.

Among all these memorable moments, the campfire is perhaps the most memorable one. It was a real icebreaker(no pun intended), as most of us opened up with anecdotes from our personal life and our journey at LiteBreeze. And it was a unique feeling to sit around the campfire on that cold and slightly drizzling night and listen to all those stories.

Jancy who was a part of LiteBreeze from the start shared the story about LiteBreeze’s journey through its ups and downs until now. We also got to hear from Anoop and Sanju, the newest of the bunch at LiteBreeze, about their life and experiences at LiteBreeze.

All these stories, and the time together, gave us a great chance to connect with each other and know everyone more personally and has been a very satisfying experience. I am looking forward to going on more such trips in the future.

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