My Journey from India to Sweden: An IT Professional’s Perspective

October 17, 2023

Hello there! I’m Ajith, project leader at Litebreeze in Kerala. A big part of my job is to work closely with our Swedish clients, ensuring smooth collaborations.

So, when I got the chance to visit Sweden, apart from being a fun getaway, it was also an excellent opportunity to bolster our India-Sweden IT bond.

Discovering Stockholm

Stockholm greeted me with a harmonious blend of its rich history and modern spirit.

The museums, palaces, and cobbled streets of Gamla Stan showcased its deep-rooted heritage, while the urban environment hinted at its progressive stride. 

Staying at Hotel Birger Jarl, Observatorielunden was just a walk away—a vantage point offering an unmatched city view. And those serene e-bike rides through Stockholm’s parks? They were a delightful escape.

Making the Business Personal

One of the most pivotal parts of my trip was the chance to meet our clients face-to-face. In today’s era of remote working, the significance of these personal interactions cannot be understated.

Not only does it foster trust and deeper understanding, but it also reaffirms our commitment to delivering high service quality. 

From a client’s perspective, it brings transparency, aligning visions, and establishing concrete expectations. Plus, with easy administrative processes in place, setting up these meetings was a breeze!

The serene shores around Karlstad offered me a glimpse into the life of our CEO, David. Our business partner, Felix, also joined us.

The tranquility of Lake Vänern during our sailboat ride and the cultural insights from the Värmlands Museum enriched my understanding of Sweden beyond boardroom discussions.

Swedish Hospitality: Beyond the Brochures

Beyond the scenic views and meetings, the warmth and helpfulness of the Swedish people stood out. They truly made the trip memorable.

Wrapping Up

To me, Sweden isn’t just a beautiful country; it’s a place of strong professional connections and personal memories. This trip reinforced Litebreeze’s dedication to the India-Sweden IT collaboration.

To our Swedish collaborators: Let’s keep this momentum going, fostering growth and understanding on both sides! My trip to Sweden will no doubt help me do a better job for our clients!

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