Author: David Claesson

Multilingual website: TLD vs subfolder vs subdomain

Introduction to structuring multilingual content Are you developing a multilingual website for your business? Chances are that you’ve seen all of the following structures being used: Subdomains: and (se for Swedish) Top-Level Domains (TLDs): and Subfolders: and At LiteBreeze we faced this challenge ourselves when planning the revamp of […]

We’re hiring a freelance WordPress developer

Requirements and responsibilities Are you a highly skilled WordPress developer? Do you have many years of WordPress experience and are you obsessed with code quality? Then apply for a freelance position with LiteBreeze today. We will pay you by the hour. Tasks include but are not limited to: Convert a high-quality PSD design into a […]

We’re hiring a freelance web designer

Requirements and responsibilities Update 17 October: this position is now filled. Are you a highly skilled web designer that can produce world-class website designs? Apply for a freelance position with LiteBreeze today. We will pay you by the hour. We have much work available for the right person – tasks include: Improving the existing design […]

Web shops and ecommerce solutions

If you are looking for a basic web shop, I would recommend to first evaluate the cheap “ready-made” solutions that you can subscribe to at a monthly cost. These are also referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud-based web shops. Our software developers can build custom ecommerce solutions, however we can’t compete on price if you are […]

Welcome our three new colleagues

LiteBreeze heartily welcomes Arjun, Byju and Sreesanth to join our dynamic team. They’ve all joined us in July. Byju is a QA expert who has worked for ISPG Technologies India for six years. ISPG provides innovative digital solutions for enterprises. At ISPG he has performed end to end testing of e-commerce solutions. He used Mantis extensively to […]

We’re hiring a senior accountant

Update 17 October: this position is now filled. Who you are: You are extraordinarily meticulous; you are a “numbers person”. You are obsessed with order, following routines to the T, and being organized. You can take initiative; you don’t always expect clearly defined instructions. You are interested in challenges outside of your routines and comfort […]

Planning a resignation

At LiteBreeze we do our utmost to retain talent, but that being said there are sometimes unavoidable situations where we have to let talented staff and developers go. If you are thinking about resigning, I recommend that you plan your resignation well in advance. You might have a two month notice period. I understand that […]

Value maximization – grabbing high-value work

The systemic underdelegation concept The excerpt below is from a book written by Harvard professor David Maister, who has spent decades advising professional services firms on how to become better. Senior would include anyone higher up in the organizational structure. A client should be treated as a senior too. Moreover is junior a relative term […]