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Author: Devi Mohan

Why does LiteBreeze follow the hourly time entry system?

LiteBreeze has a no-compromise policy when it comes to your work-life balance. We are obliged to provide you with an extremely flexible environment and the assurance that our managers don’t look over your shoulders or intrude on your privacy. LiteBreeze also guarantees equality for all employees. Unlike many other companies, you wouldn’t face different workloads

Technical team promotion procedure

LiteBreeze technical team promotion procedure Success at LiteBreeze is defined by the steady increase in value that you bring to your job. Both for the company’s growth as well as your own. This ideology is reflected and practised in our employee promotion strategy. Promotions at LiteBreeze are not decided solely on seniority or performance but

LiteBreeze holidays – 2020

Please find LiteBreeze’s holiday list for 2020 below. Both national holidays and religious festival days are considered to spread out the holidays throughout the calendar year as much as possible. There are many more Indian/Swedish festivals and public holidays which are not included in these 12 holidays. Our employees may require leave for the same,

Meenu, welcome to LiteBreeze

2019 begins with a warm welcome to Meenu E who joins our recruitment team at LiteBreeze. She recently relocated to Kochi and is excited to build a career path in human resources. Interestingly Meenu started her career with internships in different fields varying from soft skills training to shortlisting resumes. After which, Meenu worked with

Feby, welcome to LiteBreeze

LiteBreeze is excited to welcome Feby J who joins our finance team in Kochi. He joins us at the start of his career and we look forward to be an integral part of his growth as a finance professional. Feby recently completed his articleship with one of the biggest chartered accountant firms in Trivandrum. Simultaneously,