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Terraforming a Laravel application using AWS ECS Fargate – Part 4

February 02, 2023

Creating an application using the Laravel framework The Laravel framework will be used to validate the interoperability of the infrastructure created by Terraform. The steps are similar for any LAMP, LEMP and other similar applications. I have used simple/straight forward codes to showcase the functionality. Please use necessary abstraction so that code outlives the application.

Terraforming a Laravel application using AWS ECS Fargate – Part 1

February 02, 2023

Introduction Terraform is an open source infrastructure as code(IaC) software tool. We will be using Terraform for creating AWS infrastructure. We can collaborate effectively when we configure the infrastructure using code and commit to our version control systems. We can also execute reviews/suggest new approaches for configuring certain tasks. Additionally, we can spin up new

System design 101: Scaling your web applications

November 27, 2020

When I started programming web applications, I focused on a very small userbase. As I gained experience, the application userbase expanded too. In the process, I had to unlearn many concepts as well. I was forced to think of high availability, zero downtime deployments, and a large  number of database read/writes etc. These lessons were

Demystifying code quality, one technique at a time

I shall start with two laws written 40+ years ago about software evolution by Lehman & Bélády: Law of continuous change: Any software system used in the real-world must change or become less and less useful in that environment. Law of increasing complexity: As a system evolves, its complexity increases unless work is done to

Securely transmit real-time broadcasts over HTTPS

PHP frameworks like Laravel aren’t built to handle real-time applications. Hence, we integrate & transfer this responsibility to another application which excels in it. is the de facto choice at LiteBreeze for developing real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication. To understand real-time broadcasting, please visit our three-part series which documents the steps of utilizing WebSockets

Holidays 2016

November 04, 2016

  January 1st New Year’s day – Friday January 26th Indian Republic day – Tuesday March 24th Maundy Thursday March 25th Good Friday April 14th Vishu – Thursday May 1st Labor Day – Sunday July 6th Ramadan Id-ul-fithar – Wednesday August 15th Independence Day – Monday September 12th Bakrid – Monday September 13th Onam Holiday

LiteBreeze welcomes Priyesh

November 01, 2016

We at LiteBreeze are happy to introduce Priyesh who joins our development center in Kochi, India, as senior software engineer. He has more than four years of experience as a PHP developer, mainly with custom web applications development on LAMP and WAMP platforms. Priyesh was previously associated with PIT Solutions and Optiologic Technologies, two companies based in Technopark, Trivandrum.