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Author: Maria Jomon

Welcome to LiteBreeze, Kiren Chandh

We are excited to welcome our new Senior Software Developer Kiren Chandh P R to be a part of the LB team! He’s an expert in various Programming languages such as PHP, Vue, Next.js and React, etc., and has worked on many demanding projects. He’s experienced with object-oriented programming as well as MVC Architecture. Kiren

Welcome to LiteBreeze, Mridul

Building good quality software requires a lot of effort, which is why we hire only the most creative and experienced software engineers.  We welcome Mridul Vasudhev A K as our new senior software engineer, who is an expert in PHP, Java, and Python. He completed his MCA at SIST, Kannur University.  He has also gained

LiteBreeze welcomes Vishnu and Nishad!

We’re proud to welcome our two new joiners Vishnu and Nishad, to the LiteBreeze family! Vishnu is a Front End web developer focussing on UI development in React JS, jQuery, or basic HTML and JS indeed he has handled various projects like Developing single-page React applications for Yembo, automated E2E testing using Cypress for React