Author: VK

How to set up user permissions in a shared hosting environment

August 18, 2020

“Permission denied” is a common error I’ve come across in many web applications after the initial server setup. This would often require the devs to get help from the ops team to fix the issue. Updating the ownership/permission of specific files/folders resolves the issue. Improper user permissions can also leave the door wide open to […]

How realtime broadcasting was implemented using Laravel – Part 1

How realtime broadcasting was implemented using Laravel – Part 1 Complex projects usually require certain new elements to be integrated into the customized platform in order to make it unique and for the solution to match up to the client’s expectations. As part of a recent web application development project, software experts at LiteBreeze implemented […]

Comply with GDPR guidelines in business with European clients

September 17, 2018

Does your web application comply with GDPR? If not, it’s time to take action to avoid potential legal problems. LiteBreeze takes the fact that the Digital Economy is worth three trillion dollars seriously and ensures to comply with all laws and regulations worldwide. This economy is mainly information based, fueled by the rise in the […]

Supporting business intelligence goals for a music company using Laravel

LiteBreeze has recently begun a partnership with a leading American stock music provider. This firm routinely provides royalty free music to television shows, movies, advertising, games, and apps. They often work with companies such as Fox, Sony, Discovery, Time Warner and HBO. They require a technical consultant to further build business-critical components for business intelligence, […]