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A LiteBreeze project: candidate profile automation

January 02, 2018

Experienced PHP experts at LiteBreeze recently developed an exciting web application for a leading coaching and educational institution in Sweden. On a daily basis, this institute conducts interviews to profile potential candidates for acceptance into its niche training programs. This service places candidates in jobs that match their aptitude after providing the required training. An application […]

Holidays 2018

December 04, 2017

Below is the list of holidays announced for LiteBreeze for the year 2018. We are declaring 12 holidays that fall on weekdays. We consider the typical public holidays and the most important religious festivals in Kerala. We prioritize holidays in a way to get long weekends for popular vacation periods to minimize the impact on […]

AWS technical essentials day in Kochi

November 14, 2017

Amazon organised a workshop in Kochi to showcase the various services they provide. The emphasis was on web services. This was held at Marriott hotel on 31st October 2017. The event was targeted at business and technical leaders, as well as IT professionals. The workshop started with a brief on Amazon history and AWS global infrastructure. […]

Code quality standards at LiteBreeze

October 30, 2017

At LiteBreeze, we give paramount importance to consistent code quality. This is also our primary criteria when we select the top 1% of PHP candidates to join our team. We understand that some candidates might have queries on how we maintain our high code quality. We believe that a well structured and neatly written code has the […]

Multilingual website: TLD vs subfolder vs subdomain

Introduction to structuring multilingual content Are you developing a multilingual website for your business? Chances are that you’ve seen all of the following structures being used: Subdomains: and (se for Swedish) Top-Level Domains (TLDs): and Subfolders: and At LiteBreeze we faced this challenge ourselves when planning the revamp of […]

Flight school management system: a new LiteBreeze project

October 19, 2017

A dedicated team of experienced Laravel programmers at LiteBreeze started development on a unique project a few weeks back: Flight School Management system. The client is a well established private flight training school in Finland and they have an existing ERP to manage work activities such as schedules, payments and overall administration of the Flight […]

LiteBreeze receives credit rating from CRISIL

October 03, 2017

Our rating from CRISIL is ‘above average’ which is the third highest out of eight levels. Highlights from the report: “Organisational stability: A track record of 12 years indicates the company’s ability to weather economic and business cycles.” “Management’s extensive knowledge: David Claesson has 12 years of relevant experience in the application development industry. Thus, […]

Web shops and ecommerce solutions

If you are looking for a basic web shop, I would recommend to first evaluate the cheap “ready-made” solutions that you can subscribe to at a monthly cost. These are also referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud-based web shops. Our software developers can build custom ecommerce solutions, however we can’t compete on price if you are […]

Litebreeze improves user experience of slow video streaming!

August 22, 2017

Few months ago, a client approached us with below complaints from users. “Video is slow…” “Buffering…” “Taking too long to upload!” On the surface, these issues seemed network related. But a deeper analysis soon revealed multiple issues with many solutions. Let’s look at what was going on under the hood. The whole application, including video assets […]

Holidays 2017

December 07, 2016

Each year our list of holidays will differ. We are however always announcing 12 holidays that fall on weekdays. We determine the holiday list this way: 1) we consider the typical public holidays in Kerala 2) we consider the most important festivals in each three major religions in Kerala 3) we prioritize holidays that fall […]