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Welcome to LiteBreeze, Namitha!

We are excited to introduce our newest hire, Namitha, to the team. Namitha is joining us as a recruiter. She comes with almost four years of experience.  Before joining LiteBreeze Namitha was employed with Zaportiv as their recruitment team lead and was in charge of the recruitment and marketing department. She comes with a versatile […]

Welcome to LiteBreeze, Don!

Introducing the newest addition to our team, Don P Daniel! Don is a seasoned full-stack developer who comes with 10+ years of experience.  He comes with valuable expertise in PHP, Amazon DynamoDB, MySQL, among others. Don was previously employed with Indocosmo System and was involved in large PHP projects.  Don completed his Bachelor’s in Engineering […]

Welcome to LiteBreeze, Dinil!

We are excited to welcome our newest addition to the ever-growing team, Dinil Valsan! He is a seasoned front-end developer with more than fifteen years of core experience. He is an expert in technologies ranging from Python, jQuery, NodeJS, to 2D, 3D animation among others. Dinil has also won some tough design contests in […]

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Software development is a multi-stage process that involves several competing factors and variables. Once basic features are created there’s still the matter of grouping and categorizing everything in a way that makes sense for users (clients and customers). This is where many IT companies tend to stop short in their development cycle, concluding the job […]

Introducing our Front-end developer, Ghanashyam

A warm welcome to the new addition to the frontend development team, Ghanashyam. He is a detail-oriented frontend developer with solid experience in Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and ElasticSearch. He joins us with over three years of experience in software development. Over the years,  Ghanashyam gathered experience in end-to-end development of software products […]

Welcome our senior PHP developer, Nikhil

Welcome our new senior software engineer, Nikhil Krishnan, to the LiteBreeze family! Nikhil is experienced in technologies like PHP, Python, JavaScript and Magento. He joins us with almost eleven years of development experience. Nikhil has worked with companies like Digitalmesh and UST Global. He is a self-driven software developer and has worked in designing systems, […]

Welcome to our new PHP developer, Arif

A warm welcome to our new senior developer to the PHP team, Arif C A. He joins us with almost ten years of experience. Arif is experienced in technologies like React, Laravel, Node.JS, and WordPress. Arif has been working as a technical lead for over four years, handling client communication, end-to-end project management, and coaching […]

Welcome our Senior DevOps Engineer, Arjun M

We are delighted to introduce our new senior DevOps engineer, Arjun M. He has work experience in ansible automation tools, docker containers, networks, and volumes. Along with an in-depth knowledge of AWS EC2, ELB, S3, Route53, VPC, and CloudFront. All this and more makes Arjun, a great addition to our tech team! Arjun also has […]