About LiteBreeze Infotech

LiteBreeze is a web development company with Swedish management based in Kochi. It is managed by David Claesson.

LiteBreeze has been operating from Kochi since 2004. Most of our clients are north European and primarily Swedish.

LiteBreeze currently employs 35+ people and we are growing quickly, adding around two employees per month.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of development services paired with the best customer service — outsourcing made simple!

Why you should join LiteBreeze

Improve your skillset

You will work with modern technology: responsive interfaces; MVC frameworks; version control systems like GIT

Challenging projects

Complex projects and other customized solutions where you will work in a team. You will learn a lot from these projects!

Free PHP certification

Learn and prove that you are one of the best. Get a free Zend PHP certification

Work-life balance

Enjoy an independent work life with flexible work hours and the option to work from home one day per week

Best pay in the industry

We’re a profitable company with profitable clients from economically strong regions

Improve your professionalism

We’re fanatical about servicing our clients. Get coached by our manager on how to make clients happier

Opportunities to visit Europe

Get an opportunity to visit our clients on-site in Europe. A great experience! Learn more on our blog

Improve your code

You will receive frequent feedback on your code from our experienced project leaders and our on-site manager

Professional yet relaxed environment

Professional yet relaxed environment. Great interiors and work stations are required for you to perform and be comfortable

LiteBreeze is not for everyone though: to fit in you need good English communication skills and you need to be a self-directed learner who is also enthusiastic about servicing clients. You need to understand our clients and provide solutions that help them become more successful.

Our Clients

These are two of our clients. You can browse more web application projects here
  • Funcruises.se is a Swedish event planner and travel agent. They specialize in arranging cruises for students and other niche target groups. LiteBreeze has been developing their CRM, booking management system and website since 2009. The latest version of the application was a major framework-based overhaul.

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  • @spire is a CRM application that integrates with the Sage50 accounting software. It features valuable tools that are not available in Sage. E.g. warehouse stock control, sales forecasting, in-depth analytics etc. @spire and Sage are seamlessly synchronized. @spire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

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  • INVID Gruppen provides IT services in Sweden within three main functions; infrastructure, cloud services and operational support. LiteBreeze developed a web portal that incorporates multiple platforms through a Single Sign-On interface. This enables customers to run, monitor and manage network hosts and their users.

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  • SafePac.se is an e-Learning platform providing courses to truck drivers who are conveying dangerous goods. In addition to the e-courses, the system has got backend CRM and invoicing modules.

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  • LXC Coin is a second-generation crypto-currency. We have developed the website and we are currently developing the P2P lending platform. The website uses CodeIgniter and bootstrap as front-end framework.

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  • Aptum.se is a fire and safety consultancy firm. They sell and service safety equipment. We've developed a business application using Zend Framework to help them save time with administration. The software includes CRM and invoicing modules.

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  • Tecknologen AB conducts training and consultation in sign language. At LiteBreeze, we developed Teckentuben, a custom e-learning software (LMS) which provides videos for children, youth and adults who uses sign supported speech as their means of communication.

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  • Delafee.com is an ecommerce website selling unique gold products such as edible gold and gold interior decoration products. It's a heavily customized webshop solution with support for multiple languages and currencies.

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Technology at LiteBreeze

MVC frameworks

We use MVC frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter and Zend Framework.

Front-end frameworks

We use front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.


We use capable IDEs such as Netbeans.

Version control systems

We use modern version control systems (GIT).

Code review systems

We use sophisticated code review systems so that you get good feedback on your code.

Training and Coaching

Coaching will help you become a better professional faster. Our Swedish on-site manager David Claesson and our team leaders will give you continuous feedback on your work. We will help you:
Plan your projects well
Write better code. We use sophisticated tools to comment on your code inline
Improve quality and detail of time reports
Improve your customer service skills to keep clients happier
Implement more smart and user-friendly features
Make use of new and improved technology to deliver more user-friendly, faster, more secure and beautiful solutions



At LiteBreeze we focus on developers’ responsibility and giving you as an employee lots of freedom in deciding when and where you work. We offer flexible timings, part time and telecommute options to make your work life go hand in hand with your personal life.

We’re a friendly team, all focused on PHP, and with a mission to deliver truly value-adding and user-friendly applications to our long-term satisfied clients.

LiteBreeze Office Location

Our office is located in Thaikkavu junction on Puthiya road in Vennala. Puthiya road can be accessed from the bypass highway (located between EMC hospital and Holiday Inn).

If you are coming from Vytilla junction: make a u-turn on the highway two turnarounds after Holiday Inn (when you see Pitstop wheel and tyre shop on the right)and thereafter take the first left onto Puthiya road. Otherwise (coming from Palarivattom-Bypass junction a.k.a Pipeline Junction) turn left at the second exit after EMC hospital (opposite Ahalia Eye Foundation) and immediately onto Puthiya road. Continue for around 500 meters until you reach the first major junction (Thaikkavu junction). Our office is on the top floor in the building on your left.

Contact : + 91 484 645 5118 / +91 484 654 3118


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Vacancies at LiteBreeze

Hybrid mobile application developer

What we expect of you?

  • You are an expert in hybrid mobile app development using Ionic Framework, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Typescript, ES6, JQuery.
  • You have hands-on experience with Cordova/Phonegap.
  • You have experience of building apps that work offline.
  • You have deep knowledge of best practices for mobile app design and performance.
  • You are capable of tuning up design for maintainability, scalability and efficiency.
  • You have working experience in Web Service and REST API integration.
  • You have great English communication skills and you are willing to communicate directly with international clients.

Beneficial skills:

  • Experience of Android SDK (Java), Android Studio, IOS SDK (objective C, Swift).
  • 2-6 years of experience in hybrid mobile app development.

Content writer

Who you are:

  • You have great written English skills.
  • You are interested in digital marketing trends, content marketing and SEO.
  • You are motivated to learn and upgrade your skills from online resources and your own experiments.
  • You are keen to collaborate with multiple parties in India and abroad.

Your responsibilities:

  • You will take on content writing alongside our existing content writers. This includes software project case studies, presentation of projects through screenshots and accompanying texts, landing pages, articles related to our industry, help technical staff to produce content, etc.
  • Work on our English website primarily, but also coordinate with translators for our Swedish and German websites.
  • Work on our social media accounts – primarily LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • You will be our representative when it comes to content in general.
  • Coordinate with our web developers: website improvements and expansion with new languages.
  • Build links: find and approach partners who can link back to our content (existing knowledge not required).
  • Getting knowledge out of people: interview staff, understand new concepts and convert it into valuable content.

Why take this role at LiteBreeze?

  • You will have a broad role initially, and as we grow you have the opportunity and flexibility to focus more on the areas that you are most passionate about.
  • Big potential for long-term career growth. We will expand with local presences and sales agents. Opportunity to grow into a higher-level marketing role.

We aim to appoint someone before 1st August.

Desired but optional skills, responsibilities and experience:

  • Work experience from the software industry.
  • Link building and approaching international prospective link partners.
  • Photography.
  • Video editing.
  • Initiate and lead general SEO improvements.
  • Be in charge of link building strategies.
  • Pick up the phone to talk to prospective new content partners.
  • Create infographics.
  • Manage social media posting schedules.
  • Moderate comments on our blog.
  • Learning basic video editing skills and converting some content into videos.
  • Build landing pages together with our web developers for specific software products.
  • Manage Adwords account.
  • Record video demos of projects.

Should this position be of interest to you please send us your application now!

WordPress Developer

Who you are:

  • You are an expert in planning and developing complex web applications based on WordPress
  • You can convert PSDs to WordPress using theme configuration and internal branding guidelines
  • You have hands on experience with Plugin development
  • You have hands on experience with website speed and security optimization and on-page SEO
  • You have experience of customized WordPress systems such as CRM, eCommerce, eLearning, accounting
  • You have strong experience in HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript
  • You can handle cross-browser issues and integrate responsive design
  • You are passionate about writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code

Beneficial skills:

  • Agile Development experience
  • Basic knowledge of MVC frameworks like Laravel
  • Graphic Design skills
  • Experience with estimate preparation
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also in team as required.
  • Strong time-management skills for switching between varied tasks
  • Ability to meet deadlines, multitask and solve problems
  • Strong communication skills at multiple levels across the organization (English language)
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • 3+ years prior WordPress work experience

Senior PHP developer - Laravel

  • Develop and maintain highly scalable websites
  • Extensive involvement in all aspects of the project development cycle using PHP7 and OOPS concepts
  • Participate in Code Review and walkthroughs
  • Participate in sprint planning and effort estimations
  • Complex customised team projects and the opportunity to lead them!
  • Opportunity to work on projects which are mostly from North European clients
  • Independent projects to execute
  • Excellent career growth opportunities

Prior experience of the following is an advantage:

  • Frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony
  • Specification and PM tools: Wireframes, Confluence, Trello, JIRA and mockup
  • Cloud hosting & Auto Scaling: Rackspace, Amazon, DigitalOcean, AWS
  • Content Delivery Network and Load Balancers
  • Search engines: Apachesolr, Elastic Search
  • Cache / Data structure store: Redis, Aerospike


Your main responsibility will be traditional recruiter tasks including sourcing (cold calls from database), filtering resumes, scheduling and administering tests (mostly technical roles). However there are a multitude of tasks listed below that will be gradually added to your scope of work as per your interest and performance.

Content writing will also be an important responsibility within the HR team. A lot of work can be done when it comes to adding high-quality and relevant content to our website, blog and social media outlets.

What we expect of you?

  • You need great English writing and communication skills.
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow set company processes.
  • You need an open mind and willingness to continuously improve and change old habits.
  • Great attitude! We have very high expectations; stay positive during periods of pressure.

Here is a list of the broad range of tasks that the HR team will be responsible for in addition to recruitment. However, the level of your involvement will depend on your capabilities and areas of interest:

  • Creative recruitment activities: Work with your seniors and explore sourcing options, IBNLT: head hunting, LinkedIn, campus recruitment, targeted campaigns to specific groups such as part-timers.
  • Branding initiatives: Help in developing material to convince top talent who is hesitant to join a small company.
  • Facilities: We are in the process of building a great new office and once that’s done, continuous improvement of those facilities will be required.
  • Website updates and Online reputation management: Work to refine and improve our Unique Selling Points/punchlines/pitch and support seniors to control online conversation so that people find the right information when they search us online
  • Developer profiles: Essential tool for gaining top clients. They need to be continuously updated and linked together with new relevant technologies and projects.
  • SEO specialist coordination: Coordinate with a third party SEO specialist on how content can be used for improved SE ranking.
  • Recruitment systems improvement: There’s huge scope for smart features and automation to make recruiters daily processes more efficient.

Senior Software Test Engineer

  • Test dynamic web applications
  • Co-ordinate with our development team and communicate directly with foreign clients
  • Ensure foolproof performance of deliverables
  • Develop test plans and test cases
  • Participate in tracking/reporting activities to ensure smooth project progress
  • Identify risks to the project
  • Work with PM to develop responses and mitigation strategies
  • Escalate issues when necessary to prevent project delays and quality issues

Prior experience and knowledge of the following is an advantage:

  • Manual Testing & Agile Process
  • Creation and understanding of testing artifacts like test plan, test case etc.
  • Automation tools, Selenium and Cucumber/UFT
  • Performance testing tools like Jmeter, WebLoad, Load Runner
  • Cross Browser Testing tools such as Browsershots
  • Test Management Tools such as qTest
  • Defect Tracking System such as Bugzilla
  • Basic knowledge in SQL, Linux commands, Git

Desired skills:

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to meet deadlines, multitask and solve problems
  • Strong communication skills at multiple levels across the organization
  • Strong problem solving skills

Senior Accountant

Who you are:

  • You are extraordinarily meticulous; you are a “numbers person”.
  • You are obsessed with order, following routines to the T and being organized.
  • You can take initiative; you don’t always expect clearly defined instructions.
  • You are interested in challenges outside of your routines and comfort zone as well.
  • You are passionate about improving accounting routines and adding value to the company.

Part of your responsibilities will be standard accounting tasks related to: invoicing, passing entries, vouchers, maintaining registers, TDS and GST as well as general administrative tasks.

Once you’ve proved yourself you’ll be introduced to more challenging responsibilities as well:

  • Reporting directly to the auditor and MD.
  • Handle accounting for our Swedish parent company. Learn European accounting standards.
  • Direct contact with our international clients.
  • Learn the Swedish accounting software Fortnox.
  • Handle European VAT including VAT reports to tax department.
  • Payments to European contractors/suppliers and tax department.

Your number of years of work experience is not an important selection criteria; we will assess your application based on your attention to detail, problem solving skills, attitude, general aptitude, reasoning and language.

Senior web designer

LiteBreeze is looking for a person who can design and build world class websites that include creating simple and elegant user interfaces and producing navigation design for web applications:

What you do:

  • Design and construct web pages / sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques.
  • Designs HTML prototypes, visual interfaces and interaction of web-based applications.
  • Work closely with developers and clients on day to day deliverables.
  • Write clean and concise CSS and trouble shoot / debug issues across browsers.
  • Reproduce mock-ups from Photoshop documents into HTML using CSS.
  • Create clean, user intuitive interface and navigation design.

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