Careers – 10 questions to ask your interviewer

10 questions to ask your interviewer

Whenever you attend any job interview, you will be given the opportunity by the interviewer to ask questions towards the end. Use this opportunity! This will increase your chances of getting the job.

Candidates who do not have any questions, tend to miss the opportunity to understand the company and available job better. On the other hand, there is the possibility that you are unclear of the ‘right’ questions to ask wherein you get the information you need while showing your interest in the company to the interviewer.

At LiteBreeze we interview programmers every day and we feel that the below 10 ‘open-ended’ questions are the most impactful:

  1. What are the expected qualities to succeed in the position applied for: this opens up the conversation for the interviewer to share detailed expectations that may not be given in the JD or job post. This is important as you will also be able to better assess if you are the right fit for the role you applied for.
  2. What is the company or team culture: every company/team has a dynamic work culture even if it does not seem obvious. It is imperative that you understand the company culture of the position you have applied for so as to decide if you would be comfortable working there.
  3. What is expected from the new employee in the first 30-60 days: it is important to know the employer perspective of what is expected from the new joiner during the probation period so as to realistically evaluate if you can accomplish all that would be expected.
  4. What are the anticipated challenges for this role: most interviewers are happy to discuss any aspect of the role and this is a great question to show that you are seriously considering this position and wish to have clarity on all details of the role.
  5. What is the scope for growth: this is a good question that conveys to the interviewer your ambition and long-term planning while considering taking up a new job. It also helps you understand the company policy on career advancement.
  6. What about mentorship on the job: every new joiner would like to know what their induction period would be like, who they would be attached to initially during that period and so on if they choose to join an organization. An experienced interviewer will understand that and give you an honest reply.
  7. What is the employee performance review process: this is a great question to ask as every company has a different approach to performance review (annual, bi-annual) and it is essential that you discuss this during the interview process for absolute clarity.
  8. What does the interviewer like about the company: this question encourages a personal opinion from the interviewer and will be an additional insight into the company culture.
  9. What is the expected start date of the job: this question gives you a clear timeline and also allows the interviewer to understand your eagerness about the job.
  10. What is the next step in the recruitment process: this is a great question to end with, as this shows your keenness to move forward in the process while being confident of your chances of getting the job.

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