Ergonomics and day-to-day comfort

All international level companies worldwide are focussing on ergonomics as an integral part of improving employee productivity and retention initiatives.

What does ergonomics mean? It simply is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. Ergonomics aims to create safe, comfortable and productive workspaces by considering human abilities and limitations into the design of a workspace.

Ergonomics is very important at LiteBreeze and is taken seriously by our management. We have tested 15+ high-end office chairs over the past few years to get the best possible comfort for our employees.

Our new Kinnarps office chairs arrived early this year. These are imported from Sweden and cost around 65000 INR each. They are the best we have been able to find till date!

We have imported four already and our plan is to buy a new batch every six months till all our current office chairs are replaced. We hire only the best talent and we do everything in our capacity to keep our employees happy.

We look forward to investing in motorized tables for all employees at the earliest. This will encourage more stand-up meetings which in-turn will aid to improve employee health at the workplace.

We also have flexible monitor arms for all our workstations and this eliminates any neck and back strain our employees might suffer due to long hours. We bought our current monitor arms only after a diligent online and offline search. These are the best not only in theory but also as per employee feedback.

Comfortable workstations are paramount when staff needs to work at their desks for multiple hours a day. A comfortable work environment can affect productivity positively and decrease the likelihood of work-related muscle strains and eyestrain.

Investing in great ergonomic workstations and furniture will reduce costs in the long run, as doing this will further decrease the need to replace these items regularly. This is also an indication of our commitment to employee safety and health as a core value, as we believe that in a comfortable and relaxed state of work, our employees will be more productive.

We are positive that continual evolution of the safety and health culture at LiteBreeze will lead to better employee performance. These are some of the main reasons why we invest heavily in long-term ergonomics and we recommend other companies to do so as well.