Intern – HR and marketing


You are:

  1. Extraordinarily meticulous, goal-oriented, persistent and insightful.
  2. A consistent good performer at school/college with good grades.
  3. Obsessed with order, following routines to the T, and being organized.
  4. Interested in challenges outside of your routines and comfort zone as well.
  5. Passionate about learning and improving department routines while adding value to the company.

You have:

  1. Great English communication skills.
  2. Superlative attention to detail.
  3. Ability to adhere to strict company processes.
  4. An open mind, initiative, and willingness to continuously improve and change old habits.
  5. Great attitude. We have very high expectations; stay positive during periods of pressure.
  6. Commitment. Were looking for someone to grow with us in the long term.

Why LiteBreeze?

  1. You will have a broad role initially, giving you the chance to learn and experience all facets of an HR/marketing role.
  2. As we grow you will have the opportunity to focus more on the areas that you are most passionate about.
  3. Big potential for clear, long-term career growth. We are amongst the fastest-growing Nordic IT companies with a presence in Kerala. This provides you with an opportunity to grow into a rewarding, permanent, and high-level role within our HR department.