Why LiteBreeze | 11 Reasons to Join Us | Unique Job Benefits

Best pay in the industry

Superlative salaries offered to top talent.

We only hire exceptional developers with a ‘can-do’ attitude and great communication skills.

We benchmark salaries in the IT industry and we assure you that we offer the best pay and bonus to talented experts.

Four full-time recruiters work eight hours per day to find the absolute best. Learn more about our meticulous recruitment process.

Work-life balance

Maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

LiteBreeze is amongst niche Indian companies that have imbibed European standards to their work principles.

Our MD, David Claesson, advocates benefits that improve the work-life balance of employees. The health and productivity of our colleagues are what’s important.

Flexible work hours for all our employees facilitates a healthy balance for our employees

Since the pandemic, we have been working from home and we plan to stay as flexible as possible even when the situation improves. Leaves are granted generously as long as full-time benchmarks are met.


Consistent coaching for career growth.

LiteBreeze seniors focus on ensuring service quality and client satisfaction in all our projects.

Constructive and transparent feedback is how we make certain that our developers practice our core performance concepts. Read more about our frequent coaching

Great attention is paid to coaching our colleagues in order to continuously improve our standard of deliverables.  

Free AWS certification

Get certified while on the job at LiteBreeze.

We encourage our employees to continually upgrade their skill-sets.

We are fully supportive of those who wish to get technically certified. You need only study for the certification with the tools and material provided and attend the test.

LiteBreeze sponsors the examination fee as well. Many of our employees utilize this and have gotten AWS certifications. 

Visit our European clients

Top performers get to travel on-site and visit clients.

LiteBreeze management recognizes the importance of building a good rapport with clients.

Communication through different time zones can be a challenge in addition to the lack of ‘face-to-face’ contact. Therefore, our top performers are given the opportunity to visit our clients on-site.

This not only improves client rapport but also expands our employee’s understanding of foreign work cultures. 

Improve professionalism

Get coached and improve your professionalism.

Professionalism is a sure-shot way of developing great work relationships with our clients.

Our Swedish managing director coaches all seniors to attain the highest level of professionalism. These seniors in turn coach other developers to excel in all tasks pertaining to client service. 

Our employees interact with clients frequently and it is essential that we exude professionalism to maintain rapport and trust of the client. 

Improve your code

Learn to write well-optimized and well-refactored code.

What sets us apart from our competition is that we are fanatical about providing the most suitable and customized solutions.

Our expert project leaders with system architecture experience do code reviews. We ensure that our deliverables live up to tough standards of code quality.

You will gain immensely through learning how to deliver well-refactored code which results in fast, safe and scalable solutions.

Improve your skillset

Deliver fast, secure and unique solutions.

Developers need to continually improve their technical skills to stay up to date with swiftly changing technologies.

At LiteBreeze, you get to work with new, modern and updated technology. We constantly lookout for challenging technologies to test and work with.

Our employees are also encouraged to research and suggest new technologies they wish to work in. 

Challenging projects

Challenge yourself with unique and complex projects.

Our developers work on complex customized projects that require 1200+ man-hours.

We only take on interesting projects that are challenging to execute. Most of our clients are North-European and they usually have demanding requirements.

We also offer you the opportunity to lead a challenging project should you have the aptitude and interest.

Relaxed environment

Comfortable workstations enable you to perform better.

Ergonomics is important at LiteBreeze and is taken seriously by management.

Along with customized furniture and a well-designed layout, we have tested 15+ high-end office chairs over the past few years to provide the best possible comfort for our employees.

For example, our new Swedish Kinnarps office chairs arrived early this year. These are the best and cost around 65000 INR each. 


Honest feedback leads to better performance.

We are single-minded about coaching through honest feedback to attain better work methods.

Our senior project leaders provide frequent and transparent written feedback to developers. This is summarized during salary appraisals which are held biannually.

Thus it gets easy for our developers to know what needs to be done to add more value to our projects.