Client FAQs

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Project management

How do I get started with a project?

Simply request a quote on our website and provide an overview of your project's background and requirements. Our marketing analyst will then reach out to you to schedule a video call with one of our project managers. After discussing the project in detail, we will provide a proposal and push your project forward.

When can you start the project?

We can typically start the project within a week after receiving the go-ahead from you. However, this timeline is subject to change based on the complexity of the project and our current resource availability.

Can LiteBreeze develop the back-end and outsource the front-end design to another agency?

Yes, we can collaborate with front-end design agencies to develop the back-end of your application. Our team of experienced developers has previously worked with various front-end teams, and we use a loose coupling method to ensure seamless cooperation. We can work with any front-end team of your choice and ensure a high-quality end product.

What communication, project management, and version control tools do you use?

For communication, we primarily use the client's preferred platform, such as Slack, Basecamp, Monday, or Trello. Git (Bitbucket) is our go-to tool for version control, and Jira is our preferred project management tool.We are flexible and open to using the tools that the client prefers for meetings and video calls, such as Google Meet, Skype, or Teams.

Who will own the source code once the development is completed?

You will have complete ownership of the source code. All work done under the contract will be transferred to you, as per intellectual property rights (IPR).

Which framework do you recommend for my web application?

We highly recommend Laravel for its exceptional features, scalability, flexibility, and adherence to coding standards. Laravel also offers a range of built-in security features, ensuring that your application is well-protected from potential threats.By adhering to Laravel's coding practices, we can eliminate redundancy in code and logic, saving you both time and money.

Why Ionic for mobile app development?

Ionic enables us to use popular web technologies for building high-end user interfaces and functionalities. We can reuse the same code to build apps for different platforms such as Android/IOS.This makes Ionic, a primary choice for building simple and cost-effective mobile applications.

What CMS do you use?

At LiteBreeze, we often recommend WordPress as it is the most widely-used content management system in the world. However, if you're looking to build a large web application, using a CMS platform may not be the best option due to limitations in flexibility and scalability.Our project managers can work with you to determine the ideal solution for your needs.

Do you offer hosting services? Which cloud service do you recommend?

Although we don't provide in-house hosting services, we do recommend Amazon Web Services (AWS) to our clients. Our server experts will assist you in setting up an AWS account and deploying your application. In addition, we can work with a hosting provider of your choice if you prefer.

Can you handle SEO?

We can assist you with on-page optimization tasks such as properly structured HTML, search-friendly URLs, and Google Analytics integration. However, page content optimization and off-page optimization tasks, such as link building and marketing campaigns, are outside our expertise.In such cases, we can recommend one of our SEO partners to you.

How is testing conducted during development?

Our developers conduct preliminary testing on all projects. Afterward, our QA engineers perform additional testing.Finally, our project manager conducts a final review of the deliverables before they are sent to you for user acceptance testing.

Can we test the app during development?

Yes, we encourage you to test the app during the development phase. We will provide a test server and deliver regular updates for your feedback. Typically, we do this after each sprint or upon completion of a specific module or feature.

Will you provide a project manager, and who will be the primary point of communication?

Yes, we provide an experienced project manager to oversee communication. For smaller projects with 1-2 developers, you may communicate directly with the developers.For larger projects with 5 or more developers, the project manager will coordinate communication on your behalf. Our project manager serves as the primary point of contact for project-related updates and inquiries.

How does project reporting work at your company?

At Litebreeze, our employees register detailed time entries of their work within 24 hours of completion, which are available for you to review in our client portal. Additionally, we send out weekly or daily progress reports outlining what has been completed and what tasks remain outstanding.

How do you ensure code security and quality? Do you conduct internal code reviews or use code analysis software?

At LiteBreeze, code security and quality are top priorities. Our experienced developers adhere to best practices for usability and security. We conduct thorough peer reviews of every line of code by multiple tech seniors before sending it for QA testing.

Additionally, our project managers conduct regular code reviews using static code analyzers such as SonarQube.

Will I be charged for bug fixes during my project's development?

Our pricing model is transparent and straightforward. While we consider bugs slipping through our quality assurance process as a type of failure, eradicating them entirely would be cost-prohibitive due to the increased cost of quality assurance. Therefore, we do charge for the time our developers spend fixing bugs and glitches (read more).

Do you provide 24/7 support?

Our support service is available during our business hours from 9-10 AM IST to 6-7 PM IST. Thanks to our strict quality assurance system, unexpected issues are rare and should not be a cause for concern.

In case of critical service requests registered during business hours, our developers can extend their support 2-3 hours beyond their normal working hours.

Do you offer a fixed-price quote?

We typically work on complex web applications where requirements can evolve during the development phase. As such, fixed-price quotes are only feasible for small websites where all requirements can be defined upfront. Therefore, we do not provide fixed-price quotes and instead bill our work on an hourly basis.