What makes you as a software developer successful? Bug-free, user-friendly and smart functionality and design is ultimately what makes your client successful. And what makes your client successful, makes you and your company successful as well.

Code quality

Structured and refactored code. This has a huge impact on big long-term projects. Break down code so that it can easily be re-used.

Radical transparency in business: increase productivity

How can your business and software project benefit from transparency? Being radically transparent has many benefits - both for individual employees and for the employer. It’s especially effective in written form.

Value maximization

How can you maximize the value that you create for your organization? Discover specific principles that will get you promoted faster and earn you greater salary hikes.


How should performance reviews and appraisals be handled effectively? A system of transparent and documented feedback gives long-lasting success.

The service quality concept

It's rare to find a professional who is consistently good at service quality. Technical quality might be great, but service quality (what kind of experience does the client have with the firm?) is often lacking.