Anjaly AT

Anjaly AT

3.11 years experience

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Technical Skills

  • Programming languages
    JavaScript, PHP
  • Bug Tracking Tools
    Bugzilla, JIRA
  • Version control
    Git, SVN
  • Version control tools
    Bitbucket, Tortoise SVN
  • Front-end technologies
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Front-end frameworks
  • JS Libraries
    AngularJS, jQuery, RequireJS
  • Web Services
  • Frameworks
    Ionic, Laravel
  • APIs
    Facebook, Google
  • Databases
  • Payment gateways
  • Desktop operating systems
    Mac, Windows
  • Server

Project Experience

  • LiteBreeze has developed a simple yet very powerful custom accounting application. The module was needed for a range of projects where reliable transaction management was required. Through its easy-to-use interface the accounting software is intuitive to book keepers, accountants and auditors who all can use the application without prior training. The accounting software gives the end user full control of assets, expenses and cash flow. The accounting module is easy to integrate with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, order management software, employee management software and time and attendance software.

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  • Tecknologen AB conducts training and consultation in sign language. At LiteBreeze, we developed Teckentuben, a custom e-learning software (LMS) which provides videos for children, youth and adults who uses sign supported speech as their means of communication.

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Work Experience

  • 1.10 years

    Litebreeze, Kochi

    Anjaly has extensive experience in software design, analysis, development, implementation and testing of mobile and web applications. She analyzes users requirements, modeling the system and ensuring the functionality. She works flexibly on multiple projects, codes and troubleshoots applications. She communicates with clients and ensures on-time delivery and after support.

  • 1.2 years

    Retracted *

    Her job profile included creating code components and implementing business rules in the code using Java. Created user interface using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap AJAX, JavaScript and AngularJS. She was involved in performing unit testing, bug fixing, identifying and creating unit test cases.

  • 0.11 years

    Retracted *

    Her responsibilities included creating user interfaces using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JavaScript and AngularJS. She has proven work ethics, focussed on improving her coding and troubleshooting applications, client communication.


  • B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Calicut University, 2014
* Developer’s real name and other data is retracted. Contact us to access the full developer profile.

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