Rahim PA

Rahim PA

5.11 years experience

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Technical Skills

  • Programming languages
    PHP, Java
  • Front-end technologies
    HTML5, CSS3, Smarty
  • Front-end frameworks
    Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation
  • JS Libraries
    jQuery , AngularJS, Socket.io, Node.js
  • Web Services
  • Frameworks
    Laravel , Symfony, Yii
  • Ecommerce
  • Databases
    MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • Database design tools
    MySQL workbench
  • Specification and PM tools
    Confluence, Trello, JIRA
  • Payment gateways
    Authorize.net, Stripe
  • Cloud hosting
  • Desktop operating systems
    Mac OS X, Windows 8, Fedora, Ubuntu
  • Server tools
  • Server operating systems
    Linux shell ,RHEL
  • Plugins
    Magento extensions like Cryzonic Stripe, MageWorx Multifees, Amasty Order Attributes etc

Project Experience

  • @spire is a CRM application that integrates with the Sage50 accounting software. It features valuable tools that are not available in Sage. E.g. warehouse stock control, sales forecasting, in-depth analytics etc. @spire and Sage are seamlessly synchronized. @spire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

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  • INVID Gruppen provides IT services in Sweden within three main functions; infrastructure, cloud services and operational support. LiteBreeze developed a web portal that incorporates multiple platforms through a Single Sign-On interface. This enables customers to run, monitor and manage network hosts and their users.

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Work Experience

  • 3.6 years

    Litebreeze, Kochi

    Designs database, implement database structures and wireframes. Develop the application with quality code for easy maintenance. Re-design existing applications with updated technologies to fit the additional features. Collaborate with the team in delivering quality, cost effective solutions by doing research on product features and new technologies.

  • 1.0 years

    Retracted *

    Involved in database designing, implementing REST APIs, caching and performance optimization, designing and implementing content management system.

  • 1.5 years

    Retracted *

    Worked as Consultant Software Engineer responsible for full project development cycle


  • B.Tech (Instrumentation) from Calicut University (2006 - 2010)
* Developer’s real name and other data is retracted. Contact us to access the full developer profile.

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