Value maximization

24 March 2017 – Timely appraisals – David

Some appraisals have been delayed a lot. SN’s was held in March, so delayed around seven months.

One or two months delay might be acceptable for staff, but delays are still a problem as mentioned in the Principles:

“Do not delay your own appraisal; delayed appraisals lead to less efficient improvement, difficult administration and delayed payouts of hikes.”

And coaching guidelines:

It’s not a problem if the appraisal meeting is held slightly after the actual effective date of the hike, as long as your colleague is aware that the ball is in his/her court. This being said, do not to delay your subordinates’ appraisal much. Delays can lead to several problems:

  • Staff will improve slower as feedback is not formally stressed by seniors in the appraisal meeting.
  • If the payout of salary hikes are delayed, the appraisee might be demotivated. I can only decide on the hike after the appraisal is conducted and I may need some weeks to benchmark salaries and take a final hike decision.
  • The appraise might feel that you don’t care enough about the appraisee’s training. Yes, staff is responsible to take the initiative to apply for an appraisal, but at a certain point of time you need to step in if the appraisee delays too much. In such cases FB should be given.
  • If the payout of salary hikes are delayed, then administration and accounting becomes more complex. Management accounting reports may also become inaccurate.

I acknowledge that you always have a lot to do. And that the ZE team and you have been struggling to keep their heads above the surface due to the client’s pressure. But take measures to avoid delays in future:

  1. Remind and push PLs to note down examples continuously? Spot checks.
  2. Be satisfied with fewer examples for appraisals, to save you time?
  3. Make better use of QA’s time to come up with the highest impact functionality examples?
  4. Suggest ways we could simplify the coaching-appraisal process further?

Enforce a system where preparing appraisals takes little time for seniors and can be done on time. Find ways to keep the meetings shorter if needed. There should be no excuses to delay feedback and appraisals.

24 March 2017 – Vacation – David

You’ve worked for a long time non-stop. Though I obviously appreciate your hard work and efforts, perhaps schedule a vacation to keep yourself healthy long-term? Inform all clients well in advance. Clear instructions to those who would be second-in-command. Consider months when major/your direct clients are on vacation themselves.

24 March 2017 – What do you think I should do differently – David

I’d welcome some brutally honest feedback on what you think I should do differently as well. You know a lot and have got a good judgement, so such feedback makes the company as a whole more successful.