Human resources

Articles aiming to give our staff and candidates information about working at LiteBreeze and what we do to make our employees’ work-life as rewarding as possible. Content also aims at giving third party HR professionals insight into how HR processes can be improved.

Improve your resume for better prospects

A good and updated resume is important for being considered for a job and being noticed by hiring managers, so here are pointers to help get noticed.

10 questions you should ask your interviewer

Whenever you attend any job interview, you will be given the opportunity by the interviewer to ask questions towards the end. Use this opportunity! This will increase your chances of getting the job.

Planning a resignation

At LiteBreeze we do our utmost to retain talent, but there are sometimes unavoidable situations where we have to let talented staff and developers go.

Five things to do when you fail and interview

Here are five points that can change your perspective on interview failures, to learn from them, and make them your stepping stones to success.


We help staff who is exiting LiteBreeze to find a new job. We wish for smooth transitions for those whose services are no longer required by the company.

Salary calculation and leaves

Many companies have complex systems for keeping track of utilized leaves, full-day leaves, half-day leaves and so on. We follow this straightforward system that is easy for all parties to verify

How to succeed at an interview

LiteBreeze has a fresh & unique approach to interviews compared to conventional methods. If you are looking to join LiteBreeze this article will be helpful.

Why should you be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great professional tool for finding valuable business connections - whether clients, staff or partners.

Enjoy comfort at work through focus on ergonomics

Ergonomics is important and is taken seriously by our management. Our new Kinnarps office chairs arrived early this year. These are imported from Sweden and cost around 65000 INR each.