How to succeed at an interview

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The first step to which, is getting through tough job interviews. A job interview is usually described as a formal discussion between a hiring manager and an applicant to determine the eligibility of the applicant for the job.

In turn, the applicant can also pose company related queries that they may have, at the end of the interview.

Based on the applicant’s interview performance as well as reviewing other relevant information/documents such as experience, resume etc, the hiring manager decides whether the applicant is the right ‘fit’ for the vacancy.

LiteBreeze has a unique approach to interviews, compared to the conventional methods for traditional recruitment. So if you are looking to join LiteBreeze or have already applied for a position with us, the below points will be helpful:

5 step recruitment process at LiteBreeze

  • Phone screening: This initial screening is to gather information such as salary expectations, notice period, understand your communication skills and to schedule an online test as per your convenience.
  • Online test: A single time based logical question (usually 30 – 45 mins). The online test aims at testing the quality of your code. You will be required to develop one function. Our focus is on the neatness of the solution, logic used, code efficiency and optimization.
  • Offline machine test: Once you pass the online test, you will be invited for a machine test. Logic-based questions which are fairly complex, offline and difficult will be given to you. This round (usually 45 mins – 60 mins) is meant to further test your logic, neatness along with your coding ability under pressure in a controlled environment.

Before you start answering the test questions, we recommend that you take 10-15 mins to review the questions. Try to understand the expected logic, as there are multiple methods to derive the answers. Once you have completed coding and gotten an output, run the code to make sure that your code is running successfully.

  • Communication assessment: As all LiteBreeze developers communicate with our North-European clients frequently during projects, we need to ensure that your written communication skills match our standards. Therefore, we give you 5-6 common client related questions that need to be answered within an hour.
  • Face to face interview: Once you have cleared all the above rounds there will be an in-depth interview with seniors from both our technical and HR departments.

This is the last, critical step of our multi-layered recruitment procedure. Should you pass this round as well, you get to meet our director David Claesson.

Ensure that you double check your answers before submitting your test. This would give you another chance to rectify common and avoidable errors such as spellings, usage of grammar and unnecessary capitalization.

Responses during the interview

Confidence and effective communication is a major advantage during the interview, as there will be a variety of probing questions based on your previous tests, experience, domain knowledge and resume.

Always be prepared for personal and uncomfortable questions from the interviewer such as career gaps or issues faced during former employments.

The research you have done ahead of attending the recruitment process at LiteBreeze will come in handy during the interview, should you be able to connect any of the answers with the position that you applied for.

Follow up

After an interview, it is a good idea to call/mail the recruiter to thank them for the opportunity. At LiteBreeze, the candidature status is shared with the applicant via an email, within two working days.

You could additionally follow up the status for your candidature with us via mail or a call after three-four working days, if you have not been informed yet.

These are a few guidelines that could be useful to you during your job search and the following interviews. Here’s wishing you all the very best!

Feel free to send us your updated resume if you are looking for an exciting opportunity in your career.