Outplacement: helping exiting colleague to find a great new job

We help staff who is exiting LiteBreeze to find a new job. We wish for smooth transitions for those whose services are no longer required by the company.

We help with:

  • References
  • Improving CVs / resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Finding job ads to apply to
  • Interview training
  • Allowing limited paid working hours to be spent on job applications (typically one hour per day)

At LiteBreeze we very rarely ask staff to leave the company as we follow a meticulous and selective recruitment process. If we do, we first give several clear warnings through a long, detailed and clearly documented feedback process.

An outplacement process should be careful, respectful and win-win. It can be long if necessary to have minimal negative impact on the exiting colleague.

We don’t bring up old problems once deciding to initiate an outplacement process; we solely focus on what’s best for the future of both parties. Some managers might vent their anger and frustration when asking an employee to leave, and it can be tempting to do so, but that’s the wrong way of doing it.

Everything the exiting colleague needs to know about opportunities to improve is documented in our transparent feedback. We will only refer to that, as the decision is taken. There’s no need of discussing detailed “reasons” as that might risk unnecessary debate and conflict.

An initiated outplacement process can be kept as private as possible to remain respectful. Top seniors involved in the exiting colleague’s projects need to know, and if the employee wishes, recruiters can be involved to find the best possible job.